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  1. Speaking of everyone starting the show with a video (obviously copying madonna who copied U2's show) well did you see chrustina agricultures last show hahaha yes she started with a video of her putting on her redneck clown makeup and donning her tramp clothes, it had all the excitment and tension of a damp fart. God she is a shit live performer ha

  2. 40% of tickets sold for the opening night? Might have known them sheep shaggers wouldn't lap it up, expect flop tour headlines the morning after even though it will likely become (once again) the most successful female tour of all time haha

    I could barely see the foo fighters and their stage was actually towards the middle of the pitch but their screens were fucking shit you couldn't see anything on them

  3. As for the tour, musicaly it is very 80's mixed with hiphop, a kind of bizarre mixture that somehow works really well and we are told to really expect lots of surprises and some songs we thought Madonna would never perform again. [/i]

    :lmao: i.e we know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the tour

  4. You just said in your first post that the stadium wasn't even close to being sold out & now you are saying they had 2 sold out shows there? :crazy:

    they were advertised as "sold out" the friday show i went to had alot of emtpy seats whereas im told the saturday show was packed out. She is struggling with one.

  5. I wouldn't even expect the Foo Fighers to sell out Wembeley Stadium if their tickets were 5 dollars. They simply aren't that big enough of an act. I'm sure they just decided to use the venue because it's nice & new & was available.

    I think you will find Foo Fighters are now one of the biggest live acts in the world, they "sold out" two shows at wembley, Madonna is doing one.

  6. So is 4 minutes going to be one of the biggest hits of her career?? And HC is doing real shit. Let's compare it to COADF she promoted the shit out of it on everything from the emas, parkinson, children in need etc.. Whereas this time round she has performed at some shitty chav "festival" in kent and erm...that's it? Well sorry but she deserves shit sales. Good day.

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