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  1. whats really lacking on this station is OLD TOUR cuts which I guess since they weren't released they cant be played??

    this station NEEDS Blond Ambition live on there~! Fuck they could play a whole tour!!!! Why not the Barcelona show?? or Nice?  the pearl jam station is constantly playing fucking live shows!  there is so much material being overlooked.  

    also there are so many remixes that have been ignored!  the maxi single of music is awesome! 

    everytime I tune in I hear this used to be my playground (to the point where I now cant listen lol) 

  2. 4 hours ago, ThinkOfMe said:

    Other artist who have had a limited time station have had then interviews and clips repeated at different times...I wish this would be a permanent station, it’s so good-got in the car and nothing fails was playing

    I love it! I got in the car and revolver was on! Never thought I'd hear that on the radio 🤣

  3. I sometimes feel the persona, the costume makes her come off so rigid and just unrelatable

    I love her but the last few albums she shows up to these interviews so much in costume that she looks stiff and uptight 

    I love the costumes etc but she looks uncomfortable and acts so stiff! 

    Then the interviews edit the piece and she looks cold. Take the Today show interview. She was so cool during the unedited piece



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