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  1. Happy belated birthday, Lucky guy! :)

  2. A new photo! :) You look terrific, darling! :) xoxo

  3. 4Shared is trying to force me to log in or sign up to hear your audio clip?!

  4. A belated blessed Easter to you, LG! :)

  5. peter

    don't hate me, whoopiedarling, but i think perhaps your signature should say, "When did your name change from a word to a charm?" (rhymes with 'arm' and is parallel to the 'when did your name change from language to magic?') ... no? Or am i missing something? xoxo

  6. SO proud of you! Congrats, Migs! Madonna has seen your HARD WORK! :) xo

  7. peter

    'on the stairs' or wherever you want, baby. ;)


  8. /happy.gif" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20"> xo

  9. Are you going to go?! Can't believe she's playing here!! :) xo

  10. Oh, thank you so much, Loveboxx! You're so thoughtful ... that was pretty good, too! I see Roisin is still up to her random (non)releases. Maybe she'll get her act together one of these days. Thanks again!!! :) xo.

  11. Not sure what to say other than you're special and I have a great fondness for you. I hope you're always able to stay positive, healthy, and hopeful. I'm sure that all sounds silly and trite, but I mean it from my heart. Much love to you, Miguelito... xoxo

  12. Your wedding photographs are gorgeous! Congratulations to you and blessings on your marriage! :)

  13. peter

    i agree with you about accents -- have always said many people (including Madonna) adapt their speech to those around them, etc. ANYway, wanted to thank you for the clip of Anderson and Kelly discussing Madonna's induction into the R'n'R HoF -- I posted it in the Anderson thread, but I'm glad you had it on YouTube! :)

  14. aw, very nice vaca. photos, Spazz! I hope you enjoyed/relaxed... you deserve to de-stress after the year you've been through! :)

  15. Check out the Soderbergh thread in the movies/TV subforum... The actor who plays Alcide is in talks to play a male stripper. :wow:

  16. peter

    i BELIEVE, babe! ;)

  17. peter

    You're going to duet with Lady Gaga?! :shock:

  18. peter

    The better to see you with, dear! *swoon*


  19. peter

    :blush: But... I didn't even get you coffee! Guess I owe you one... xo
  20. "there's always enough of me to go around... my image unlimited" (every now and again I get that one stuck in my head! thanks for posting that one!!) xo

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