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  1. I feel like everytime I watch her in a livestream something happens. First the Superbowl misstep, now capegate.

    I was SOOO nervous during the Grammys performance (the awkward masks, slippery-looking floor, high-heeled shoes, dancing with the lifts, and the finale being lifted over the stage). Too many things that could've gone wrong. The Brit Awards misstep was a freak and unfortunate event!

  2. It's hard to say. It could be the same reaction if the demo leaked after, but I know what you mean. I'm trying to think: has there been a demo that released after the official release that I liked better? That would make a good topic. Can't think of any off hand.

    "Get Together," "No Substitute for Love," and "Power of Goodbye." I just love the rawer sound. :)

    In most other cases, however, the album version is much better than the demo (like all of the Erotica demos, Vogue, etc.). :)

  3. ^^^ ugh.... when you say stuff like "the final version is horrible" it becomes really difficult to take you seriously.

    "Horrible" is exactly the same thing that popped into my mind when I heard the album version of "Beautiful Scars". I appreciate having the extra version, but I'm thankful to have the superior demo version.

    Demo Version is better:

    Beautiful Scars (The music just doesn't fit and it sounds generic to me. The demo has magic: the sliding guitars during the buildup, the "uh, uh" vocals during the chorus, the laid-back feel.)

    Illuminati (I don't like this song, but at least the demo is tolerable.)

    Addicted (The first demo that leaked sounded like a SINGLE. The album version sounds a little rough.)

    Album Version is better:

    Devil Pray (I LOVE the demo AND this album version.)

    Iconic (A huge improvement, I LOVE this version.)

    Holy Water (I just wish they left out the Vogue lyrics, which were unnecessary.)

    Wash All Over Me (I LOVE the upbeat version too, but the song reaches its full potential as a ballad.)

    S.E.X. (A lot better with the darker tone.)

    Rebel Heart (I LOVE the album version, but wish they would've kept the vocodered "Rebel HeeAReeARt" hook.)

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