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  1. I mean, I still feel like she's trying to act/look/young young (GMAYL, GGW, etc.) and I just think it's unfortunate.


    What is she supposed to do at the age of 53? :manson:

    Sitting on a wheelchair playing a guitar singing acoustic version of Justify My Love? :manson:

  2. I dont get it..the telegraph review was just released yesterday and they have added it asap but the other reviews which were issued a week over and other recent better review takes a lot of time...what are they doing ??

    They are SHADY AS FUCK.

    They always try to drag pop stars' scores down by not counting good reviews.

  3. 1. GGW (3.5/5) - generic dance song but the chorus is super catchy! I wish I were the producer instead. Even me would've saved the underwhelming production!

    2. Gang Bang (4.5/5) - Dark. Edgy. Aggressive. BANG!

    3. I'm Addicted (4/5) - The production is OFF DA HOOK!!!The melody could've been stronger thought

    4. Turn Up The Radio (5/5) - POP PERFECTION. Easy, breezy, beautiful *cough*

    5. Give Me All Your Luvin' (4.5/5) - her most underrated song to date. cute production, strong chorus, unpretentious pop at its best.

    6. Some Girls (2.5/5) - No thx. This belongs to some other girls. weak vocal, weak melody, weak hook, weak production.

    7. Superstar (3/5) - It's OKAY....served its purpose as a filler

    8. I Don't Give A (3.5/5) - M-Dolla is BACK bitches! Nicki's verse slays!!!

    9. I'm A Sinner (4/5) - I love Beautiful Killer and Amazing. That says it all.

    10. Love Spent (4.5/5) - First half(5/5);second half(4/5). Feels like a journey to me!!

    11. Masterpiece (4.5/5) - breathtaking ballad and I can relate to the lyrics SO MUCH. But I agree - this doesn't fit the album

    12. Falling Free (3.5/5) - Lovely ballad. Should've just ended at 3:18. It DRAGS for soooo fucking long


    1. Beautiful Killer (4/5) - a great pop song and that's it.

    2. I Fucked Up (3.5/5) - I love the part when the beat starts to kick off. Chorus is boring though

    3. B-Day Song (4/5) - LOVES it! cute and fun!

    4. Best Friend (4/5) - I'm not feeling the production but the relatable lyrics make up for that!

    Overall: 4/5

  4. Superstar & Some Girls are meant to be fillers IMO.

    Tracklist should've been:

    Give Me All Your Luvin'

    Turn Up The Radio

    I'm Addicted

    Girl Gone Wild

    Gang Bang

    I Don't Give A

    I'm A Sinner

    Beautiful Killer

    Love Spent

    I Fucked Up

    Falling Free

    Bonus Tracks:


    B-Day Song


    Best Friend

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