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  1. new album threads are both cruel and exciting..everytime someone posts something (with no information, like this post i'm writing) i get false hope when the thread gets a bump!

    i want patrick leonard and joe henry for the ballads and a slinky night time feel for the dance stuff, like kavinsky's 'nightcall' or frank ocean's 'pyramids' as long as it sounds mature like the second half of the 'music' album

  2. they played 'deeper and deeper' on heat radio (U.K.) today! i was shocked as i NEVER hear it British radio. they also played 'take a bow' and 'cherish' yesterday which is even more shocking!

    it feels like some kind of undercover PR campaign to get the general public to remember some of madonna's many big but forgotten hits. usually i only ever hear the biggies like 'hung up' 'like a prayer' 'vogue' and 'into the groove' so it's really cool to hear some of her other 70 UK hits!

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