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  2. The way he pronounces her name, like she only refers to her in print or something
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  4. Donald Trump: "We have our own Jackie O today, it's called Melania. Melania. We'll call it Melania T!"
  5. Have you totally fucked off from this forum? Hopefully that is the case. 

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    1. Rainbow


      Hello, I just wondered if you are able to share one of your codes?

    2. Rainbow
  7. It's not ageism, but I think Biden is way too old - time to leave his place to younger generation
  8. I think Budigeg would run circles around Dumb. But he probably wont win cause 1) USA is not ready for gay president 2) he is too young. Hope I m wrong cause I think Pete could win in a race with Trump. He reminds me of Obama somehow.
  9. EXACTLY! Something that homophobic misogynistic people will never want to understand.
  10. Yes, it is. What these pieces of pond scum did to the 2 women is both homophobic and misogynist O'h and cowardly and barbaric.
  11. And you are off, again... Homophobia has so many more layers, elements, and levels of meaning than just the dictionary definition. If you learned a little more about our history and how it plays out from more than just your own perspective, you might come to actually understand that.
  12. Definition of homophobia is fear or being afraid of something. They hate gay men because it SCARES them, they don't hate lesbians the same way at all, in fact they welcome and promote it, for their benefit of course. But they hate women in general (gay/bi/straight etc), so it's really an attack against women, an anti woman attack. Had these two women have been straight, guys would still try to get them to kiss because it's "hot" Still nothing compared to the hundreds of gay men who are SLAUGHTERED every year in many third world countries, and they're killed for actually like being gay. Of course women are also treated horribly in those countries
  13. In this context, what you are describing literally IS a form of homophobia. jesus fucking christ.
  14. It was a vile, horrible, disgusting thing that happened but it's not homphobic, quite the opposite, they were attacked by these scumbags for NOT kissing It was pure anti woman hatred, a lot of straight guys still feel they can say and do whatever they want to women and lesbians exist for their pleasure I'm a bisexual man, I encounter young guys like this all the time. They also all HATE gay men but love lesbians (for their benefit of course)
  15. Trump will bring the entire world into recession.
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