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  2. Pre Fame Demos

    I read in one of her unauthorized bios that she and Steve actually wrote most of the songs together and she took sole writing credit for some and he did for the others. So steve definitely helped write Everybody -- he's said so in interviews- and Burning Up too, I think, even though she has the only credits. Steve sold Ain't No Big Deal to another artist when they had their falling out when he wasn't chosen to work on her first album.
  3. Pre Fame Demos

    That's a great idea! I always see reissued albums with demos/unreleased tracks by lots of other artists. I think there is even a fourth version of Ain't No Big Deal by Mark Kamins?

    Kylie announced UK dates, just heard on radio

    Thank you Jan. my heart goes out to you and others who have suffered loss too @todsmod ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. the judge's ruling said both Frozen the single and the ROL album weren't allowed to be sold, and frozen wasn't allowed to be played in the country. it was such a sly move, as it's arguably her best work. most artists just need to pay a fine and get it over with. anyway, the song and album are "legal" again here, so all's good..
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    so she just messed up the BBF and meant to say "best friends forever"? ;) that's kinda cute
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I am fainting !!! She looks absulutley sexy in her last post. That hair and the red lipstick...I hope shes doing some music and surprises us soon #surprisemebish
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Love it ! Queen of Life indeed !
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    omg its coming sooner then soon. but also madonna, please please please release a song.

    Agree. Let's laugh at Conhead Minogue and forget this derranging. Does derranging exist? Will Kylie sell tickets? Is she selling the tickets before the album release to avoid the backlash flop? Will she surprise us all with a monster hit as second single? Is she as mentally challenge as she seems in interviews or a completely cunning bitch???????

    Because she had the gigantic forehead BEFORE. Just like Nicole Kidman. 2004 pic

    Don't be ridiculous. I would never make fun of anyone with cancer. My mother died young after suffering dreadfully from cancer,, my grandmother died young from breast cancer. I took unplanned leave from work to care For My Dad a few years ago when he was dying of cancer. The people that contribute to this thread and laughed at a joke about Botox are all friends of mine who were very sympathetic and supportive to me when my Dad was dying. I know that none of them were making fun of cancer or being low. To say that caring people like the ones in this thread are pissed off for being caught out is completely wrong. It is a shame you brought up cancer because now a light hearted princess thread has been hijacked by a crazy idea that has no merit.
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  15. I dreamt about Madonna last night. She released her new single The Gift. And suddenly there were big moving billboards on all sites with The Gift. I was in heaven!
  16. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Them look like some razor-sharp grillz, and if she sucked anything with it in, shed gnaw it off!

    And how do you know for a fact? Did you treat Kylie Minogue yourself? You actually believe cancer treatments don’t leave any sort side effects? Have you ever known anyone going through chemotherapy? Have you gone through it yourself? What makes you so sure that cancer treatments don’t leave you with a permanent hair loss?
  18. Pre Fame Demos

    Her voice is stunning

    Why is it a shame though? I’m not saying you guys intentionally were taking the piss out of her for having cancer. But it’s a fact that people lose hair during chemotherapy. I wasn’t trying to spoil your so called fun. I was trying to make sense of her hairline talk because seemed like everybody was having a laugh without even considering that maybe she has no hair in the front because of those cancer treatments. And yes even if it was 15 years ago chemotherapy can leave permanent side effects. This is the only Kylie Minogue thread after all I couldn’t open a new one to talk about it. Of course people get pissed off because they feel they have been called out but all I was saying is that some people would have found that level of bitching really low. I’m sorry if you can’t see where I was coming from. And I wasn’t taking any dig at anyone in particular to be honest. It was just the direction of that particular “conversation” I didn’t like and I felt I had to say something.
  20. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Hoping we get more pics!
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