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  2. Well i think everything is 100x enhanced if your job is to be in front of the camera, so image becomes more important than your real. I dont think its degrading or desperation, its just human nature to try to relieve the past. obvious ken is an attention whore at this point
  3. Living For Love vs Unapologetic Bitch

    Ghosttown should’ve been the lead single. Followed by a Ray-of-Light like era
  4. Agree. She should’ve owned up the new & mature sound.
  5. you are right... soccer balls and rose has gotten to her mind... =(
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    and watch her drinking all the time? no thanks
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    im afraid youre right....sad!
  8. Come on guys she's an instagram whore. I really don't think the current Madonna is savvy enough to completely conceal the recording sessions.
  9. Today
  10. Let's hope this week is the week she's back in the studio, fingers crossed, we need something to discuss, lol...
  11. Im not convinced it changed her but i think shes trying to make an effort
  12. I think she is, i think the whole rocco drama plus the new twins changed her
  13. Songs just don't have catchy hooks these days. For a period between 2007 ish to 2012/2013 about? I was loving alot of stuff on top 40 radio. It really is all trash now.
  14. I STILL don't buy this idea that she is just sitting around in Portugal with her finger up her ass simply being a soccer mom. That's NOT the Madonna we have known....well since forever. Lol
  15. I get that. But this is the motto I live by...
  16. what surprises me the most is that fans always praise Madonna for not being a victim and refusing to be a victim, and rightly so, yet keep looking for examples of her being a victim and blaming someone for something.
  17. Just edited the post, it was actually in Kenya. Here’s a video for you to enjoy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ofZLeuAiau0
  18. Thx babe Do u have a link to the video by any chance ? if not it’s cool
  19. This beautiful GIF is from when M went to Kenya.
  20. I don't know if it's just the girls not delivering though. The men of popular music may be topping the charts right now...but the music isn't any better. In fact, much of it is worse. I think it's just the pop culture cycle at play. We had a good number of years with pop females all over the place. It's fizzled out, and the men are getting their turn. And then it will shift again...to who knows what. But musically, the whole of pop music needs an arm up the ass.
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