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  2. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    SOLD OUT!!
  3. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

  4. We guess that this is the first day at the studio, but what IF it's the last one???
  5. I hope she demands people come to her into the studio so they won't have to send stuff back and forth like with RH, where they even lost some recordings because Diplo was all over the place and he did stuff but then they couldn't recreate it because he had fiddled on the music somewhere else etc. This has to happen on her terms, inside the studio, small group, closed environment!!! There's also a sense of romanticism in there, going back to having her talk of recording stuff with Stuart Price in his tiny london appartment at times. Back to basics!!!
  6. Yes no more rappers or maybe one feat with Arianna/Rih/Katy one of those but no more rappers or urban things. It just doesn’t cut it and she’s not respected in that genre, I’m afraid how the twins are going to influence her.
  7. This was from an interview after the RH leaks. I hope they stay true to this!
  8. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Blech. She's as deep as a piss puddle.
  9. I liked him during the Music era and AL had its moments but I really would prefer for her to look ahead and work with new people she has never worked before.
  10. Actually it takes roughly a year or so from the moment she enters a studio until the album is released. Exceptions are of course all of her 80s albums (except Like a prayer), Bedtime Stories and MDNA, so we shall see...
  11. I really hope Mirwais is back on track!
  12. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Donatella does the same for every popstar. the Versace's have attached themselves to every popstar. When Katy will go to Italy she'll get the same.
  13. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Ya but she’s kissed ass to donatella and donatella keeps sending her things to wear and make us all sick to our stomachs with.
  14. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Yes, "you're gay so nobody loves you, but I do, buy my new album now"
  15. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Maybe she's just re-recording Candy shop for an MDNAskin ad
  16. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    I always assumed that gaga has forced herself on Versace with the help of her father's gentleman's club. Didn't they only do the one hideous campaign with her?
  17. Looks like Mirwais may be one of the producers since they started following each other back in November & now Monte has just started following him too. Also if Recording sessions have started now in January we should have New Album by the fall (RH began recording in March so these sessions are earlier), Yay, exciting times ahead!!!
  18. Any idea of possible producers located in London?! We don't think Stuart Price is in any way connected to this right?!
  19. Still no. I just want pure Madonna on this album. I wonder if she’s secretly been popping to London to work on the album and that’s why she got caught on that Economy flight a couple of months ago?
  20. I'm sooooo curious to find out what direction she's going in musically. Advantage of having her doing recording sessions in London is that the local press there will be all over her and might snap pics of possible collaborators going in and out the studio for the next couple of days!!!
  21. Today
  22. well hopefully it's a full album she is working on and not one song for something...then i hope it will take two to three months recording everything...then a few months in mixing and stuff then let the good times roll!!! then a small venues tour could be possible. as long as she doesnt scrap fall release and just go for spring quarter like she has done in past.
  23. Madonna Instagram Thread

    NEW ALBUM IN Q4. Along with Vanity Fair, Vogue, Interview, Harper's Bazaar, and Rolling Stone spreads celebrating MADONNA: SEXY AT 60.
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