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  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    even there her moves are so gooooood
  3. The more we ignore this shitty attempt of docu, the better.
  4. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    She's so cute.. pale but cute :)
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I never get sick of HD quality video.
  6. Supposed Singles ?

    Madonna's publicist confirms that two lines in the chorus of "Sky Fits Heaven," a song on Madonna's new "Ray of Light" album, are taken from a 1993 TV ad for the Gap starring poet Max Blagg. Blagg's poem included the lines, "Sky fits heaven so fly it, Child fits mother so hold your baby tight." Madonna's song includes both lines, changing the first to "Sky fits heaven so ride it." Representatives for Madonna say Blagg agreed to a deal where he was paid for the use of the lyrics, but gets no credit on the track. Blagg was unavailable for comment. http://www.mtv.com/news/1431615/madonna-gets-lyrical-help-from-gap-ad-freezes-for-frozen/
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    VOGUE, motherfuckers !!!!
  8. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    I think this is awesome because it shows how much Madonna means to you. As fans we have such a special connection to our idol that other people will never truly understand.
  9. Supposed Singles ?

    This song was a wasted opportunity. Definitely would have been a better single than DW/SFL (although one of her best songs of all time).
  10. Katy Perry thread

    taytay anyone, lol
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Guy and Jacqui didn't post anything. Maybe Jacqui is out of data on her pay as you go limit for her Nokia
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Madonna fights for all her kids, and she loves her fans. She's a warrior.
  13. It's her White Album. A lengthy playlist with a variety of mood.
  14. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    She's so good, I love her humor.
  15. Katy Perry thread

    It's already happening. We are already ALL living worse than ten years before and instead of protesting we are with absurd fights about nationalism, brexit, cultural appropriation and shit.
  16. Supposed Singles ?

    Falling Free is such a big loss.
  17. Labral tear, broken hip — anyone else recall her saying she had like a silver-dollar-sized hole in her hip? Like all bad liars, she can't stick to one story. She's always dialing up the bullshit.
  18. Katy Perry thread

    Wow there's really a nasty campaign against Katy. I don't follow her and I thought she was struggling with tickets. And here she is PROVING THEM WRONG. That's the way you do it Katy.
  19. You guys . I’m teaching kids in school and this kid (the baddest of the class lol) comes in class singing “I love Lady Gaga” all the time 😂 imagine my facial expression when I heard this 😂 ironically it’s the same class where 2 weeks ago a girl had a M shirt (bat & vogue) on.. but she had to leave cuz apparently she wanted to be in the class but her parents hadn’t signed her up correctly.. typical I guess..
  20. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    Will you adopt me I love that!!! I’m dying!!!
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  22. Supposed Singles ?

    Rolling Stone reported (If I remember correctly) that the writer of the poem the song is based on & who is NOT credited with co-writing "Sky Fit's Heaven" agreed to the no credit as long as Madonna didn't release the song as a single. Something to do with a Gap commercial. Long story short, to avoid a nuisance lawsuit, plans for a single release were scrapped.
  23. All this talk about her having no more tours left contractually got me thinking about the RH album. I know Madonna pushed for a double album (which would of worked beautifully Rebel and Heart) now that would of counted as 2 albums....wouldn't it? Which would of finished her contract with Universal? Wish it was finished already so she could realease her new album with a company who will proper back her.
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