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  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    does M have a black eye there? maybe it's just a shadow. very nice/artsy pic edit: just clicked it/saw it's a clip. so it was just a shadow. she looks so nice with minimal makeup
  3. Lady Gaga thread

    It's from agc blind items
  4. Patrick Leonard thread

    Thing is they both are tracks from the Something to Remember era. "Something's Coming Over Me" by Madonna and Shep Pettibone became "Secret" by Madonna and Dallas Austin. "I Will Always Have You" by Madonna and Shep Pettibone became "Inside of Me" by Madonna, Dave Hall and Nellee Hooper. It is possible a song called You'll Stay could become You'll See a few weeks afterwards in a different writing session that same year. I'm not the one who suggested it in the first place but it can happen.
  5. Patrick Leonard thread

    That would be Spanish Eyes.
  6. Vogue from the tours ranked

    MDNA - visually stunning. GS BAT - should have been longer! S&S RIT - I still think it's a really flat rendition from an audio perspective.
  7. Patrick Leonard thread

    hahahahaha.... actually Like a Prayer was an early version of Spanish Lesson.....
  8. 3 gaga and only 1 M? No Impressive Instant, no Beat Goes On, No Gang Bang, No She's Not Me and so on! although funny how the Slob's only comes from the first album, none of the subsequent junk!
  9. Today
  10. Lady Gaga thread

    That’s so her!
  11. Lady Gaga thread

    can you give me the link of the site that shares this blind?
  12. Lady Gaga thread

    I 1000% believe it. Most of her online fans are her & her mom.
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yeah, of course slavery didn't exist before 2011.
  14. Only one M song ??? WTF ! God, how I hate that piece of garbage.
  15. Lady Gaga thread

    AMA: This performer last night spent much of the remainder of the telecast shuffling between all of her entertainment and internet identities to talk up how great she was during the performance. She is a great talent, but the constant self promotion under a hundred different names gets old. Lady Gaga
  16. Patrick Leonard thread

    Oh dear, I read the sentence wrong, I wanted to joke and now my sentence is so absurd that I won't delete it
  17. Patrick Leonard thread

    But the first time it was rumored was for Veronica Electronica. It was scrapped and then included in her first album.
  18. Madonna new album 2028

    Lol I guess I just need to practice patience. She seems so chill lately, riding horses, hanging with her children, exploring Snapchat filters 😂 while I sit here in anticipation! If she is recording anything, she’s doing a great job at keeping it to herself.
  19. Way to much Beyonce and they really think half those songs above it are better... “I’m That Chick” at 59 really? And I wont get into the songs from Music (they are counting 2000 as 21st century) and American Life that should be on this list. I mean even Devil Wouldnt Recognize You deserves a spot.
  20. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8039437/best-pop-album-tracks-21st-century-deep-cuts No surprise who made #1. Zzzzzzzzzz.....
  21. Patrick Leonard thread

    Like a Virgin is also an early version of Like A Prayer.
  22. Lady Gaga thread

    Had this been the 80's or 90's ChartFlop would have been her last WW album, she would have followed that up with an album only released in Japan, and then her career would have finally died. But I think the state of the music business is so bad that as long as she keeps showing up and spending her own money (or family money) she will stay afloat for as long as she can stand to fake it. I don't think she's even any good as a nostalgia act as her few hits are too similar and that era is tainted with all the Madonna rip offs and no ideas or imagery of its own except for bad dancing and a meat dress.
  23. Lady Gaga thread

    That review is spot on–and how ridiculous that the entire AMA shit show happened before her actual concert? So horrid and fake, and for that large portion... Not one critic ever said they wished Madonna would return to the music of Like a Virgin or her debut ever, ever, ever on the Blond Ambition tour because they knew her best days and music were ahead of her or at least, happening in the moment. This bitch better save her Joanne tour t-shirt and take a lot of photos. The Fame is over.
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