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  2. Omg 60 as the album name would be pretty cool though! Over the years I've always had this fantasy album that Madonna should do. I just thought it would be cool if she did a concept album based on Mary Magdalene and called the album "Magdalene" or something to that vein. Like she would have an alter ego again like Dita Parlo and it would be centered around Mary Magdalene. I know it sounds repetetive since again it's Catholic imagery etc but it's just a wild fantasy dream album of mine since I am forever fascinated and aroused by Catholic iconography and Catholicism in general even though I'm a lapsed Catholic myself lol
  3. EROTICA 25

    Guess which list Madonna made...
  4. Can't believe gaga's still calling her dumb fans "little monsters" on social media.Sounds even more retarded now then it was in 2009.
  5. Katy Perry thread

    Never been into Katy's aesthetic, but agree with others that at least the girl trying to get it right!
  6. Monsters are good at spreading lies. Also when someone doesn’t give her movie an amazing review they research the journalist to find reviews he wrote about M to “prove” he’s a hater. Not getting that maybe he just has different taste and guys don’t give her views. I have a feeling a lot of M fans are gonna watch it. She used Madonna’s name for you to do so. Don’t fall for this jerks trap
  7. She should call her new album 60. Adele will be fuming though.
  8. Yes, though age is just a number for this amazing woman. I find her more appealing than ever.
  9. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T GO!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Latest blind say dancers are quitting, selling stories about her and crew members are getting arrested.
  11. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Got my bluray copy the day it was released too! I have to say I enjoyed it even though I knew it was the Showtime broadcast. I was expecting some edits done for the home video release but to my disappointment it is pretty much the same as the Showtime version. I, like everyone else, am still devastated that LDLHA was cut but yet they include the Detroit segment which to me is baffling because it doesn't go with the "flow" of the concert film at all! I didn't like that segment because it cuts away from the main concert show and ruins the "live concert" feel of the concert film. Also I just don't understand why they left out "Take A Bow" on the bonus features and only have it available on the Japanese release... I mean come on it's just a 4-5 minute performance seriously! Ugh those are just so questionable. While there were still a lot of assaulting video effects, video overlays, filtering, and post-edited live vocals, it is definitely less than what was done to the MDNA Tour (which I still don't own because of the extreme editing they had done). One thing I didn't like is the usage again of multiple venues therefore showing different outfits in several performances and obvious change of hairstyle from one shot to the next... I just was never a fan of that because again it takes away from the "live concert" feel. Why couldn't it just be filmed at one city or at one venue? Okay I get that the concert film highlights the fans more this time which is great but to cut from one venue to another venue so obviously is just inconsistent and has no continuity for me. I guess I'm complaining too much but as a longtime Madonna fan, I have just preferred her concert releases that actually were live shows and are minimally edited (Who's That Girl Tour, Girlie Show Tour, Drowned World Tour dvds.) Nevertheless, the Rebel Heart Tour home video release is definitely a step up from the MDNA Tour dvd/bluray and I appreciate the amazing editing this time because it definitely highlights the tour's best moments.
  12. Man, that sucks. Awesome for your friend though. That's an event you'd never forget.
  13. Ugh you just know it's a lie. This is the woman who kept the money from charity wrist bracelets for the disaster in Japan. And the reviews for her doc saying things 'a well mannered collaborator and boss', just sounds like it's a load of staged lies which I imagine it is.
  14. Today
  15. Yup! That's it "new vibe." Like I said on another post I feel and I hope she would be giving us some type of a hybrid of Latin Jazz/Portuguese/Latin Pop sound! Imagine that? On one of her posts recently I believe she was jamming or listening to some Jobim which is great because that means Madonna could be inspired by Bossa Nova and other jazzy-latin sounds! Yay!
  16. I'm excited for it too-i feel it will have a totally new vibe!
  17. I was just asked to go to the LIVE taping of Jimmy Fallon with MADONNA by my friend who also loves her..and won a contest....however i can't go
  18. Lol I have always been aware of Madonna's age over the years since I started being obsessed with her in 2003. The big 60 though! It will be a great year and era for her 🙏🏼
  19. Did you all know she will be 60?
  20. I was about to say that. but she won't say it herself of course. a monster will and she'll retweet it saying how humbled she is also, she DOESNT play guitar. she barely writes music. on joanne almost everything were demos sent to her. there is NOTHING authentic about her and it's sad how people believe her.
  21. I am so excited and nervous for Madonna's new album and new era! I feel like it's going to be truly special and hopefully groundbreaking because she will be 60 (if she releases it on or after her birthday / 2nd half of 2018.) Imagine her doing something so different, eclectic, edgy, underground, fresh, and ahead of its time as a 60 year old female artist in today's music industry? I am rooting for whatever she ends up coming up with... but I pray it won't be another MDNA or RH in terms of sound, production, & cohesion though (no shade though, I admire RH!) Her being in Portugal is wonderful and from her recent posts it seems like she may be presenting us Portuguese/Latin Jazz/Latin inspired offerings! It will be something fresh & totally different from today's current pop music. I'm all for that but I will support Madonna no matter what though. She is pushing 60s and is still pretty much the Queen of Pop and is more revolutionary than ever. Go Madonna ❤️👑 (Hi guys I'm Carlo by the way, new here and so excited to be part of the Madonna family here on Madonna Nation! 😊)
  22. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Muito obrigado cara welcome to Mexico if you decide to come!
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