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  2. Favorite Opening Line?

    “I Just Woke Up From a Fuzzy Dream...”
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    obviously she's fed up with the music industry. She could pull a Frank Ocean and drop two albums, one to please the label, and one with the art she really wants to put out there.
  4. Psychology Today pulled a similar stunt, a tiny blurb related to Madonna housed within a full-blown cover designed to sell:
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    God I have all these questions as well, I think she's talking about RH and maybe she stopped her collabs on this album as well?What I get is she wants to go back on working the way she used to and created magic!And we are all so here for it
  6. "IS NOTHING SACRED?" Rhythm magazine: An asinine assertion... ...met with this Classic Madonna response: (Oh. And they had no problem with promoting themselves using Madonna's name and image, hoping to lock readers into a subscription) (this card reveals changes made to their cover headline... "Pop Stars Go Spiritual" became "Spiritual Music Goes Pop" and Deepak gained back his last name)
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    “Not have to go...” then as in RH? Or now??? Coming soon??? Can you help me??? 🔥 as @Iconic Fetus mentioned???
  8. Letters to the editors of Vanity Fair after Madonna's cover feature:
  9. Never Forget

    how did you noticed that?
  10. Two newsletters from Icon/Official Madonna fan club:
  11. I watched Drowned World tour for the first time in a long time and I honestly think Ray of Light was represented very well on that tour. I think it was 6 songs in total.
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I agree with what you are saying but let me put it this way. Madonna wasn’t hired for the couture brands because she was beautiful (of course she is) or because she was better than a model, but for what she meant at that moment in time, what associations good or bad people made about her, her brand equity and the role she played in culture. This was a mutual situation as Madonna also benefited from the associations people made about Versace. Madonna is endorsing her own product, with her brand image and almost brand name, so the associations of the product are exactly the same as people are doing about Madonna. (If they think she’s cheap then the product must be the same or if she’s perceived as having good or desirable qualities the product might benefit from that).
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