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  2. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    This is too damn much... Will forever be one of the BEST things I've ever seen. Bravo to whoever did this. You've got to be fucking kidding me. You can't tell me someone around her doesn't see how much of a joke she's become...
  3. I've no idea who they are, Jan, but I just listened to it and was disgusted that they kept joking about her dying. The UK radio shows don't even joke about things like that because it's something you just don't do. It annoyed me when he referred to Material Girl as "daggy", and then said "get rid of it" when "Ray Of Light" came on. NO! NO NO! Those two songs are classics. If you're going to play Madonna, then DO IT instead of wasting everyone's time. It seemed to me like Kyle (in particular) just wanted to bash her, tbh. Not cool.
  4. HQ Photos Thread

    also RQ for the session in these outfits
  5. Ah! that's what I've been thinking for years! She could make so much money in releasing such material...
  6. Before m I was into Cleopatra. and now I'm reading Madonna SIGNED those girls to Maverick!!!! That was so sweet of her.
  7. Madonna new album 2028

    As long as everybody understand that these posts are tongue in cheek. I mean, there is ZERO ZERO ZERO EVIDENCE about anything, not even that she's recording an album. But it is nice to speculate with that in mind.
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I’m going to NY in December and I’ll be going inside Barney’s. Looking forward to seeing the range for myself.
  9. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Unapologetic Witch. I don’t mean that, M. I’m only joking!
  10. Madonna new album 2028

    Please keep this thread up!! There was so much speculation and excitement pre-Rebel Heart era! Let’s do some predictions or something and get a little serious maybe? I love the humor and everything but I’d love to hear some more ideas from you guys on what to expect from M14!
  11. Nikki and the Queen, don't waste your precious time. Minutes of your life you won't get back listening to their rot.
  12. Today
  13. These two idiotic hateful bogans are hated by anyone in Australia with a brain cell. They have tried to make it on tv with different shows but always fail. Kyle is described as vile Kyle and Jackie usually just giggles or makes uneducated stupid comments. Apologies in advance to our lovely NSW members but shame on Sydney. They are the top rated morning radio show there and it baffles so many why. They were yanked off the air in Melbourne and rated dreadfully when they tried them in the afternoon slot a few years back by repeating their Sydney morning broadcast. I could only listen to a minute of them. I can never understand how they have built up such a strong following in Sydney. Always in trouble for being crass, sexist, racist, offensive etc but somehow are still there. Embarassing to Australia.
  14. this is the epitome of whats wrong with those idol contestants and singers of today that are overpraised. the oversinging, pretending to be so moved by something so plastic,.. there's nothing creative about this. singing for kids at nickelodeon. they take themselves so seriously where's the fun Christina from dirty? I was in HS when dirty came out and we had an old tv in class that we put on MTV when the teachers weren't there. I have so many memories of watching those bad videos in the early 00s and we had so much fun watching it. she had a sense of humour then. genie in a bottle is a little melancholic to me for some reason
  15. I echo this. Someone tell me if the video is safe to watch.
  16. speak the truth and shame the devil
  17. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Oh wow. She loves riding. Look at that smile.
  18. Lady Gaga thread

    Wait, she didn’t thank Joanne? The ungrateful bitch.
  19. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Men being sold as Slaves in Libya!! This has been going on for awhile. This is crazy. . For those who don’t speak French click on this link. https://www.google.pt/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/11/17/africa/libya-slave-auction-investigation/index.html 🌎🌍🌏 the world is getting darker everyday. We need more light. ⭐️💛
  20. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    This. So many other more deserving singers.
  21. Erotica or True Blue?

    I'd love to say erotica but I can't pick it when it's up against Live To Tell or Papa don't preach, and so many other classics for the singles, true blue. for the art, the album.. erotica
  22. so I don't wanna listen to anyone say shit about our girl. can someone give the main idea of what this is?
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