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Majority of serial killers are Taurus!


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1 hour ago, Paul said:

Im a Taurus...



Taurus and Virgo (me) match very well if you know what I mean:IMG_1564:

P.S. I used to find Lecter somehow sexy 🤣

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3 hours ago, horn said:

Charles Manson - Scorpio
Susan Atkins - Taurus
Tex Watson - Sagittarius
Bobby Beausoleil - Scorpio
Bruce M. Davis - Libra
Steve Grogan - Cancer
Patricia Krenwinkel - Sagittarius
Leslie Van Houten - Virgo


you'd think Geminis would rule this

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8 hours ago, Paul said:

well, I'll be in Germany in September 😘

nice, let me show you the city 🙂...but, you're not a serial killer...are you?😅☺️


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