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5 minutes ago, karbatal said:


Seems like there’s a thunderstorm coming, and sadly I’m not talking about M. 

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Didn't see any mention on the hourly forecast for thunderstorms, so hopefully everything will be ok.

It does look like it has become cloudier though.

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3 minutes ago, jonluvsmaddy said:

Rain and wind - lasted all of 5 minutes - tents were blowing down etc - we have to wait an hour to get back in.


That's good that you were able to return after a hour!

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1 hour ago, Flip The Switch said:

Probably @nunoxico is filming the performance? The 50th anniversary and first time performing should be professionally filmed IMO. 

It d be grear if they released it along wirh new documentary and videos edited together and more bts

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9 minutes ago, Nick said:

Thanks hope it winds up showing the live performance. 

Looks fake to me, when I try & click it it takes me to another page where I have to register, but doesn't actually let me get to the register page. Also the comments next to the video screen are fake because they aren't being refreshed & are being shown as being posted "now".

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1 hour ago, Monsieur X said:

Around 9-9:30pm

Monsieur X, what was your former username? I am so confused about who is who now. 😆

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5 hours ago, jonluvsmaddy said:

It ends at 10pm - so before that - heading there now


Have fun ... will you share some pics, vids or details after the show, please? 

I hope it will be broadcasted in a way but, I don't know, I think we would have heard something about it at this point, so we just can relate to the luckiest of us who's going to attend the Madame X live debut

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3 hours ago, I Don’t Search I Find said:


She is one of my fave people. We have been friends for about a year now and she is hardcore so I glad she made it.  Not surprised! Haha

All I can think of as I see the clouds and hear the wind is......

"Behold. I am coming soon!"

Tonight is going to be AMAZING.  

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