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God Control video - OUT NOW!!!

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Okay everything was awesome until that last bit................ My stomach turned. It might be incredible or truly horrible depending on how it’s handled.

On a sunnier note, I had no idea the lady knew how to drive a car, haha. 


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4 minutes ago, Nikki said:


It's just that everytime she does something now the knives are out for her. This is a song about gun control and the video also depicts that but I worry people will say it's in poor taste.  

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1 minute ago, Nikki said:

I hear Jonas Åkerlund is directing.

btw, I hope it's not too negative or depressing..

Ugh I hope it is! It’s about gun control and our society being insane lol

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3 minutes ago, Rebel Saviour said:

OMG! She's paying homage to Raffaella Carrà :lol: Can't wait! The video looks epic and highly controversial!

I hope she does the signature Rafaella dance move!! 

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