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“Crave” thread

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6 hours ago, I Don’t Search I Find said:

The only “Crave” promo we’ll ever get from her! :semifunny:


Is this a different mix? Sounds like we might be getting more. 

I'm hoping they keep doing this over the course of the tour. Keep her in the clubs so people check out the album over the next few months!

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2 months after the single release and we get a mediocre MNEK remix when we know there are far better remixes of this track out there (Tracy Young). Her management are an utter joke.

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3 hours ago, lepetitprince said:

MNEK remix up to #45 on French iTunes!

Madame Ciccone is a troll, to tease the fans with Tracy Young's great remix - and then to release that MNEK stuff.


8 minutes ago, strictmachine said:

It’s not about needing remixes. It’s about wanting them. 

Wanting. Needing. Waiting. #soon  😴💤

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1 minute ago, Eltacubo said:

Wow this new MNEK remix is one of her best remixes in a long time. 

Agreed.  I love remixes that reinvent, revitalize but do not dillute the original 

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On 8/2/2019 at 6:11 PM, Flip The Switch said:

Worst mixes from an era so far. 

To be fair if I had one complaint about this era so far it would be the remixes. They've all been shit.


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