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“Dark Ballet” thread

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On 5/28/2019 at 12:21 AM, cardiganstarlet said:

I took it as a reference to a famous Gloria Swanson photo by Edward Steichen.

Although I thought she had referenced this before but I can’t picture it right now.


in 2004? reinvention tour?

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On 5/28/2019 at 12:32 PM, alcermag said:


I think it's more related to catholic culture, where the women used to go to church with these (black or white), so this could relate with the backdrop when we saw the priest and monks, and the possition that M did looks like when people go and receive communion.

Imagen relacionada


Is that M in the white shirt?

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3 minutes ago, luluthecat said:

How many hours left?

I LL take a pill and have a dream

and I LL wake up on friday e-vening 

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2 minutes ago, Monssieur X said:

its a totally AMAZING song OMG

Explain, please. 🤔

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4 hours ago, Flip The Switch said:

Samey hun!


4 hours ago, air1975 said:

I think I'm going to choose not to hear Dark Ballet and save it for the album - extra anticipation! 

Wow... Hats off to you guys. Cos myself cant wait any longer 😂

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