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10 minutes ago, Samo said:

It's also April Fool's Day


So maybes she's trolling us


April Fool's!

who actually plays the April fools joke thing..  I have never came across that unless its some stupid facebook member status post/or in gradeschool. THIS IS ALBUM RELATED

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Oh cripes. An X in Times New Roman font is not news. Now we're gonna have to hear lame ass snow white Netflix guesses for the next week. The avatar pic is cool tho very erotica.

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2 minutes ago, Iconic Fetus said:

It’s not that there’s another letter coming, the X was badly cropped look at the upper right square and the lines don’t fit, so she erased the whole things and uploaded the new ones.



She simply switched the right and left picture in the middle row! See the gap in the X on the right side?!

Madame X made a little slip up!

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