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Florida man arrested for trying to buy McDonald's with marijuana

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Florida man arrested for trying to buy McDonald's with marijuana



DEC 17, 2018 | 3:45 PM


A Florida man tried to pay for his late-night McDonald’s with a different kind of green.

Anthony Gallagher, 23, was busted early Sunday morning after he tried to barter with a fast food employee at the Port St. Lucie drive thru: greasy food for some weed.

Police said the McDonald’s employee turned down Gallagher’s pot payment around 2 a.m., then called 911.

Gallagher allegedly left the drive thru, then circled back shortly after, when officers were already waiting for him.

Port. St. Lucie police said officers smelled a “heavy odor of marijuana emitting from the car” and found 11 grams of weed.

Gallagher admitted to trying to pay with marijuana, but said it was all in jest.

He was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving under the influence and booked at the St. Lucie County jail.

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