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Will we listen to David Attenborough ?

Jazzy Jan

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Such an emotional and inspiring man.  When will we as humans listen to people who work, live and breathe by the standards of protecting the environment ?  And the scientists who study and work specifically in the fields of climate change.  Instead of so many people listening to conspiracy theorists and right wing journalists and politicians who have an invested interest in the money from oil and coal.  Why are people so against trying to reduce emissions ?   Why do people not seem to care about the environment but would rather listen to the corporate world who tell them the science is wrong ?  Remember too the corporate spokesmen in the tobacco industry said for years that the scientists that said smoking was bad for our lungs were incorrect and just falsely alarming people.  


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Adore this man.  His passion, intelligence and devotion to the environment and animals.  So glad he called out climate change deniers in power - we are full of them in Australia.   His comments on the Great Barrier reef's destruction is terrifying too.  Considering it is one of the most natural wonders of the world and the state it is in - Queensland - voted in mass for anti environment politicians and coal mines.   Politicians who also have no interest in saving the Great Barrier Reef.  


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