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Rebel Heartbreaker

Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

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11 hours ago, jonski43 said:

Omg you know the Dooleys!

Can I just say Wanted is a tune! Very Abba-esque! I've got in my car 😂

As for albums, Abba's was one we got as a family that I remember although I was shocked at Benny and Frida snogging! 


:lol: Yes, my Mum had their records and I was fascinated by them.. lol Her favourites were "Love of My Life", "Wasted" and "Honey, I'm Lost".   I haven't heard their music for such a long time though, so I might have a listen. I love how you listen to them in your car :lol:


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1 hour ago, Rebel Heartbreaker said:

And who can forget the other great soundtrack from then. God I had a crush on Kevin Bacon!! Played this cassette to death!!

Let's hear it for the boy!


Omg, I still listen to tracks from this. I love it.


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