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Koko the gorilla who learned sign language dies

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Goodbye to beautiful Koko.  Such a beautiful animal that highlighted just how precious and magnificent gorillas are.  The fact they are endangered animals is so wrong and heart breaking.  RIP Koko. 


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Thanks for posting this.

What a beautiful soul!  

Sorry to hear she passed but it was encouraging to hear it was peaceful.


We have a lot to learn!

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Such a marvelous creature. And not one of a kind, that’s what we have to learn. All life is precious and has its form of intelligence and social competence. 

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So sad to hear Koko is gone. What a beautiful, loving, sweet, and intelligent creature.

Thanks for posting, @Jazzy Jan. As I was entering the thread, I started to think, “Isn’t Koko the one who met Robin Williams?” So charming how she fancied him! (But then who couldn’t fall for Robin? RIP, Robin, too.) 😥

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Was Michael Crichton's Congo inspired by Koko?






Happy Birthday, Koko the Gorilla, who was born this week in 1971. In Michael Crichton’s novel Congo, the sign language speaking gorilla named Amy was loosely based on Koko.  You can learn more about Koko, at The Gorilla Foundation website.

And to learn more about Congo, check out our new Congo Page on The Official Site of Michael Crichton.



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