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24 minutes ago, karbatal said:

She was soooooooo beautiful during the Music promo. 

She always was postnatal and she seemed so happy and relaxed ....not that she isn't now....it's just different I suppose.

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Let's remind of the littles clues that we had so far:

Wednesday January 17 2018
The best news of the years so far is coming from Madonna's own mouth, or better said, from Madonna's Instagram. She is working on new music, as she revealed in her Instagram stories few moments ago. In summary below you can review the related articles from the last year.

Wednesday January 17 2018
Just when you think things cannot get any better. The Daily Mail website www.dailymail.co.uk brings us exclusive photographs of the queen of pop leaving a recording studio in London! No word on producers yet. Stay tuned!

Friday January 19 2018
The first musicians / producers mentioned after yesterday on Madonna's Instagram are Brittany Talia Hazzard, known as Starrah, an American songwriter, singer and rapper, who have worked on Needed Me by Rihanna or Swish Swish by Katy Perry for example, and Mathieu Jomphe a.k.a. Billboard, who co-produced Madonna's single Ghosttown on her Rebel Heart album.

Friday January 19 2018
Since she revealed first two names related to her new album on her Instagram, Madonna has faced not only positive comments, but a lots of hate too. And we didn't have to wait long for her to speak. "Starrah is talented and amazing songwriter and human being! Some people see a woman of color with a baseball cap and assume I am making a hip hop record with rappers. And that is just some racist, stereotypical B.S.!!! That said I will make the record I want to make and do not have to explain or ask for permission to do what I want as an artist. Never have and never will. Do your research before you make assumptions! Nothing good to say? Then say nothing. Positive vibes only please! ♥" And Diplo added: "Yeh, she's actually the best there is. And you're the greatest of all time."

Sunday January 21 2018
Here is another Instagram photo from the first week of recording of Madonna's new album in Sarm West Studios, London. Besides Starrah and Billboard on the left, you can see Lauren d'Elia, who works as a vocal producer, engineer and writer, and Nick Jarjour from the Maverick Management. "Legendary week working in London w the fam and a very special artist. You'll hear soon!"

Saturday March 10 2018
Madonna knows how thirsty we are for her new music. She promised us, that she would return to a studio soon, and today she is sharing another new picture with microphone! "Yep... ♫ #wait" And Starrah and her manager liked the post. The second displayed picture was shared by Lauren d'Elia, who's in the studio in L.A. with Madonna.

Tuesday April 17 2018
On Sunday afternoon, the vocal producer and engineer Lauren D'Elia, who collaborates with Madonna on her forthcoming record, arrived to London, according to her Instagram. And Madonna herself added "♫ #soon" to her latest soccer mom post. The third evident recording session is at the beginning. And the today's Instagram video from the queen is just the top of the cake in this era of preparations of her new record: "No, this is not my new music. But I'm having fun in the studio in between takes! #music #mirwais #magic" Mirwais Ahmadzaï is a French record producer and songwriter, who collaborated with Madonna mainly on her Music (2000) and American Life (2003) albums. Lately he's been sharing pictures of Madonna for few months now.

Saturday April 21 2018
In the past few days, Madonna and Lauren D'Elia have shared few more pictures and video from the studio in London, to let us know they were busy recording the queen of pop's new album. Every post by Madonna has now hashtags #mirwais and #magic attached. A the Paradise (Not For Me) lyrics are very promising too.

Monday April 30 2018
In her recent post on Instagram, Madonna wished her long-time friend and collaborator Steven Klein happy birthday and added a previously unseen photograph. "Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend and Partner in Pushing the Envelope... @stevenkleinstudio ♥️ you!! #art #creativity #nofear #photography #friendship #nothingisreal," she added. Another photo, which seems to be from the same photoshession or behind-the-scenes, appeared already two months ago: "Monday Manifesto... Love Yourself ♥️"

Wednesday May 16 2018
In a caption to her new behind-the-scenes video from making of another MDNA Skin commercial, Madonna just mentioned she was finishing her new record! "Are we working on the state of our souls... Good question! Until then take good care of your skin #mdnaskin While i finish my record. ♥️ #music #magic #drip #skincare #life" And Lauren D'Elia keeps on posting pictures from studio, this week from Interscope Records in N.Y.C.

Thursday May 17 2018
Today afternoon Madonna shared a fan art by Aldo Diaz confirming her new music would be released very soon now: "Beautiful Game That I Never Learned... Coming Soon! #music #magic #mirwais" The hashtags used are suggesting the song was written and or produced with Mirwais Ahmadzaï.

Tuesday June 5 2018
Madonna is now recording songs for her upcoming album in Lisbon, Portugal, making it the first-time ever recording session outside an English speaking country. We can only speculate it might be because the queen of pop is collaborating with some local artists. Her vocal producer Lauren D'Elia arrived on Sunday and Mirwais' name appeared in today's post on Madonna's Instagram: "Cooking up something yummy today... ♥ #music #magic #mirwais #nohats"

Friday June 8 2018
According to her latest Instagram videos, Madonna invited Dino d'Santiago, a Portuguese singer / songwriter to participate on her new record. They were recording together yesterday, but interestingly they met already in September last year, when Madonna shared this video. After grown up in the south of Portugal and having participated in local Church choir, Dino moved to Lisbon and because of his experiences he got a chance to work as a vocalist for various hip hop and R&B musicians. In 2013 he released his solo album called Eva bridging the traditional Morna, Batuku, and Funaná with contemporary R&B and progressive electronic music. His new single is expected this coming fall.

Saturday June 9 2018
Based on updates posted on Madonna's Instagram in recent hours, the queen of pop's forthcoming album is shaping up to be a sonically unique masterpiece. The uploaded videos feature various chants with Batukaderas of Cabo Verde, who are likely to be featured on Madonna's new record. Batuku is a traditional local music genre and dance. The style was brought or invented by the first slaves that arrived to the archipelago and lives through these days in the islands of Santiago and Maio as an uncontested African heritage and testimonial of Cabo Verde's historical path. #music #magic #mirwias #newfriends #gratitude #music #butuku #creole are all widely used hashtags.

Sunday June 10 2018
French fansite www.news-of-madonna.com are reporting today, that Live Nation are already looking for arenas for Madonna to play in September or October 2019. Their sources in various agencies speak about Paris, Bordeaux or Montpellier. The fansite has been very reliable in the past, revealing the setlist of the Rebel Hear Tour for example. Madonna herself admited the tour possibility few days ago in one of her Instagram stories.

Thursday June 14 2018

Madonna and the master of minimalistic electronica Mirwais Ahmadzaï have just finished their third recording session. They both shared the same picture on Instagram. Madonna's caption was: "Session #3 finished with Disco God Mirwais #music #method #magic #mothership @mirwais.official" And Mirwais' one was even more interesting: "Some still sings 'My Way'. But the hyper talented @madonna has a method. A new method. #madonna #marlonbrando" It may be a reference to a Stanislavski's acting method, which is a range of training and rehearsal techniques, that seek to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performances. It mobilizes the actor's conscious thought and will in order to activate other, less-controllable psychological processes. Mirwais Ahmadzaï is one of the most important personalities in Madonna's career. He was the main producer of the Music (2000) and American Life (2003) albums. He stands behind hits like Music or Die Another Day and fans' favorite classics like Don't Tell Me or Nothing Fails. He also collaborated on Future Lovers, Let It Will Be and Superpop in the Confessions On A Dance Floor era. Besides William Orbit, he's another producer and musician Madonna decided to return to after more than 10 years. The other three pictures were taken and shared by Lauren D'Elia, who left Lisbon today.

Monday June 18 2018
Madonna's friends and photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott responsible for MDNA and Rebel Heart cover artworks, Madonna's her hairstylist Andy Lecompte and graphic designer Giovanni Bianco arrived to Lisbon today.

Wednesday June 20 2018
Here are the first behind-the-scenes pictures from the new photosession for Vogue Italia with Mert & Marcus in Lisbon. "Bedtime Stories... Let's Get Unconscious! #davinci #genius #art"

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@Rock try not to post more than 10 images in a post. @rebelheart it is not necessary to quote a very long post like that. You can just tag his name in a post to thank him. Too many images in a post/page will slow down and distort the page. 

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I had a thought that it might be nice if she's on horseback for the album cover, like those photos of her going through the cobbled streets in Portugal.

Or on the beach.

Except she would be wearing the white outfit from the met gala... 

Something like this but a lot more glamourous 




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1 hour ago, humanracin said:


I had a thought that it might be nice if she's on horseback for the album cover, like those photos of her going through the cobbled streets in Portugal.

Or on the beach.

Except she would be wearing the white outfit from the met gala... 

Something like this but a lot more glamourous 




Wouldn’t that be a repeat of confessions tour?

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So, now that we see this sort of timeline, anyone can make a wild guess on how far we are from pre-ordering the album? 

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