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I think that the main problem is that fans present too many different things at the same time, including too many personal favorites that might not be even essential Madonna in the grand scheme of things. As with any artist, most people know the biggest classics, so start with 5-10 of her biggest hits, leave the demos, album tracks etc for later.

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My friend has recently done a complete U-turn on Madonna, he hated her for as long as I’ve known him, he was a Gaga fan so M was the enemy.

I sent him a few Madonna songs and videos to watch to prove his opinion on Madonna is wrong and Gaga is just a copy. Anyway he hated  the Joanne album, she cancelled her tour TWICE so he now hates Gaga and is suddenly obsessed with Madonna.

He said he’s seen the light now, she is amazing, he’s obsessed with Erotica and American Life albums.

There’s a lot for him to learn but he’s learning, I’ve noticed him mentioning more and more songs, he’s even told me he loves Bitch I’m Madonna, which he previously slagged off a few weeks ago.

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