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List FIVE songs you want the Queen to perform LIVE on The Spotlight World Tour 2018

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After reading all the suggestions and forgotten gems, I can say this:  A 2 week concert with every fucking track from every fucking album on every fucking night (and a bonus night/day with soundtrack/unreleased songs).  A total Madonna festival for 2 weeks.  Then I'll gladly say "I've lived and my life is complete"!!!  She's the one that said "dreams do come true"!??  :drama:

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Oh shit!!  After re-reading my last post, I realized to afford such an extravaganza, I'd have to sell my vehicle, my husband, my dogs, my property, my house, my soul, my inheritance, my M collection, my personal belongings....and maybe a few family members?  But, it would be so fucking worth it!!!!!

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(Hi Everyone! This is my first post in the Forum)

I would love to watch her perform...
1 - Rescue Me
2 - Bad Girl
3 - Bedtime Story
4 - Skin
5 - Nothing Really Matters


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1. “Words”- Maybe her most underrated album track ever, send a direct and clear message to Donald about his WORDS.

2. “Frozen” (With elements of “Isaac”)- Bring back Kabbaladonna

3. “Mer Girl” (Interlude)- With epic short film backdrop inspired by the song

4. “Hung Up” or “Get Together”- Original Discodonna form :confessions:

5. “Into The Groove”- Showstopping finale :bow:

honourable mentions: American Life/Material Girl, A Ilha Bonita em Português, DW/SFL, LTT, Easy Ride, If I Had a Hammer

I’ll just be glad to see her, even if it means we’ll just get new re-incarnations of Candy Shop and Human Nature :chuckle:

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