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List FIVE songs you want the Queen to perform LIVE on The Spotlight World Tour 2018

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I really think she is nuts for not doing a proper GH tour. I know so many casual fans who will not go see her anymore because they want the hits. Her discography is second to none. If she did a proper GH tour, it would be mammoth. Especially if she sang the songs in the original radio versions. I know that is controversial with hard core fans but she hasn't really sang most in their original form in so long it would be like new again. It would be fun and the atmosphere it would create would be electric. A tour like this would not only bring in huge $$$$$ (she could easily get the top tour of all time if she did enough dates) but the good will it would generate would be huge. 

She could also leverage the $$$$ the tour would make with a record company to properly roll out a new album/ publicity after the GH tour. 

For what it is worth, here is how I would have the tour work:

All stadiums. Tour would take place over 2 years. 

-North America

Take a month off

-South America

Take a month off


Take a few weeks off 

-Asia (ALL of Asia)

Take a month off


Take a few weeks off


I would want her to take plenty of time off in between shows so she doesn't get burned out. And since these are stadium shows, she should give herself at least 3 days rest in between cities. I would have as many hits as she can possibly perform with maybe a section in the show where it changes. For example- maybe act 2 is different every show. Or maybe the opening/encore is different every 3rd or 4th show. Some of this may not be feasible I realize. 

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Love Makes The World Go Round


Live To Tell

Rescue Me

Bedtime Story

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