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can I have a moment plzz ...

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The video to the song was very hard for me to watch when I was a kid. It all felt so real. THe opening scene when Madonna’s mother face is covered with a sheet after she passes is heartbreaking. The scene when Madonna looks at her mom in the casket with her lips stitched with thread was heartbreaking.  The closing scene of a young Madonna dancing on her mother’s grave is also very powerful. The video paired with the way she sings it made me cry back in the day. 

The pain of losing a mother at such a young age is really a tragedy... I couldn’t think of a worse fate for a five year old. In hindsight, I think that Silvio made the right move by marrying Joan. In my head Silvio saw how good she was with his kidsand recognized that a child needs a loving mother figure to raise his motherless children while he was away at work. (please do not hate me for saying this Madonna)


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