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Apple iPhone X yield rate drops under 10%; release could be delayed

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Report says Apple iPhone X yield rate drops under 10%; release could be delayed until December

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 14:46 , by Alan F.

If you've been constantly thinking about November 3rd, daydreaming about receiving your Apple iPhone X and mentally opening the box containing the tenth anniversary model, you might need to adjust your fantasy a little. A tweet disseminated today from financial news wire service Brightwire contains the latest rumor concerning a delay in the release of the Apple iPhone X.

While Brightwire's tweet didn't specify what is holding up production of the premium handset, it did say that yields have fallen under the 10% mark. That is quite an abysmal figure. When you consider that this means more than 90% of iPhone X models are rolling off the assembly line not fit to be shipped, it certainly seems that Apple has a long way to go before the device can be mass produced in any quantity. During the last few months, production of the phone has been hit by issues ranging from low yields realized by OLED panel suppliers to problems with the 3D sensors.

Brightwire's tweet also says that the first 1 million units could be delayed until December. Considering the demand expected for the phone, one million units is not nearly enough to satiate demand. Depending on how long it takes Apple to get production up to speed, a lot of prospective iPhone X buyers are going to be disappointed. Ironically, as we previously noted, this could be a godsend for the Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus as some consumers might decide to stop waiting for the premium model and go with the new iPhone versions that are available now.


The iPhone X features a 5.8-inch OLED display. Instead of Touch ID, Face ID uses facial recognition to unlock the device and to verify the user's identity for Apple Pay. It also comes with a larger capacity battery compared to other iPhone models. Like the iPhone 8/8 Plus, it is powered by the A11 bionic chipset, supports wireless charging via the Qi platform, and includes Portrait Lighting (iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X only). This feature allows users to create dramatic background effects for portraits. The 64GB version of the iPhone X will cost $999 while the 256GB variant should set you back $1,149.



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A new marketing strategy to push sluggish iPhone8 sales.

How transparent of crApple.

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