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Madonna and Youtube! A messy situation that finally needs to be fixed!

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36 minutes ago, functions_X said:

I think the reason why Madonna herself doesn't "care" about her legacy is because she thinks that it would be a sign that her past work has become more important than her current work.

She always insists that her new project, whatever it may be, is her favorite and best one yet (I'm paraphrasing) and I've always felt this was just her being overprotective of her current standing in the industry, as opposed to the legendary status that she has, based on her previous work.

She must be aware that her biggest songs and albums from the past will always be rated better than her newest work, so I think she's trying to disregard her legacy for as long as she can. I think once she starts taking care of her older works, she might fear that it will be interpreted as a sign that she has "given up" and admitted defeat. Of curse, this isn't what it would mean to the fans or the general public, but I suspect she sees it that way.

Yes that's why the Rebel Heart Tour was so full of old songs. 

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White Heat    0

There are many possible fixes for this mess. I know things have improved a little recently, I hope that continues. 

I think it would be really cool if something was put in place that allows fans to take part in championing her legacy. Some kind of way for us to be the official curators of past chapters of her story. While she takes care of the present one. I don't know how that would be possible but it would be nice. 

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Again. .she can easily reach an agreement with Warner so she can have all her Warner videos uploaded once on YouTube at least on her Madonna channel with views merged for double uploads.  I am really tired of this mess and of these cuntish Warner channels having her vidoes blocked....They keep on sabotaging her and shitting on her legacy! 

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