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Do We Give a Shit About Album Sales Anymore?

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Confessit    0
18 hours ago, lasky said:

She could be big again by joining forces with younger acts... like being a featured artist.... like Rihanna, Justin Bieber... that made them stay "relevant"...  If you count their No. 1s based solely on their own efforts and not being a featuring artist, they would have lesser no. 1s... (e.g. just looked at Mariah Carey...)

This is true but I'd rather she didn't.

I was totally expecting a featured artist on Living for Love but it was her first lead on her own since 2005.

Id rather she didn't bring in featured artists just to have a quick hit, 4 Minutes although a good song just sounds like Timberland/Timberlake some with Madonna latched on and GMAYL wasn't even a great lead, even 2 features couldn't save it.

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MeakMaker    0
On 13/08/2017 at 1:41 AM, Pedro said:

I think that If we look at it objectively, when was the last time The Rolling Stones, U2, Bruce Springsteen or other male performers of the stature of Madonna have offered an evolved, updated or different to what their core characteristic sound is? If they are doing their thing like you are saying, it is the exactly same thing they have been doing for the last 30-40 years, music and performance wise and their fans are not ever going to ask for more or something else. What could ever be more gimmicky that resorting to the exact same gimmicks that made you famous in the beginning?

I honestly love my ever evolving Madonna, sometimes ahead or the curb or others not so much. 

I'm happy and proud that Madonna is still compared to the new generations because in my eyes that means that she's still the bar and the reference against which everyone is measured, have you thought that everything that Madonna has done, featurings and all is what has made her the most successful female star ever, or the 3rd most successful musical act? 

I understand that you are making a point about the difference between the male and female music industry but don't reinforce or fall in the common stereotypes these same industries have reinforced on us. 


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ashtangi74    0

I still care. I want her to be succesfully in an artistic and commercial way..

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