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Re-Invention World Tour: Favorite performances?

Re-Invention World Tour: Favorite performances?  

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  1. 1. French Baroque & Military-Army & Circus-Cabaret Sections

    • The Beast Within (Video Introduction)
    • Vogue
    • Nobody Knows Me
    • Frozen
    • American Life
    • Express Yourself
    • Burning Up
    • Material Girl
    • Hollywood (Dancer/Video Interlude)
    • Hanky Panky
    • Deeper And Deeper
    • Die Another Day
    • Lament
  2. 2. Acoustic & Scottish-Tribal Sections

    • Bedtime Story (Dancer/Video Interlude)
    • Nothing Fails
    • Don't Tell Me
    • Like A Prayer
    • Mother And Father/Intervention
    • Imagine
    • Into The Groove
    • Papa Don't Preach
    • Crazy For You
    • Music
    • Holiday

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Vogue and Nobody Knows Me are truly stellar and iconic.... there are a few more amazing moments throughout the show the rest is a bit average for M's standards, overall it's my least favorite tour

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The whole circus section is fun, and PDP, the rest can choke, her worst tour IMO, oh and Vogue.

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I actually don't think the current band is actually the issue. I've seen some of them play for others, and absolutely kill it. Especially Brian Frasier Moore (the drummer). He's actually pretty phenomenal, and highly sought after. Even Monte sounds good outside of the band. And I believe Rickey worked quite a bit with Earth, Wind and Fire. The issue is the musical direction. I actually thought they were pretty damn funky on Sticky & Sweet. But since MDNA and onward, there seems to be a heavier reliance on pre-sequencing parts, some of which used to be played by a live bass player and live percussionist (both of which she needs to bring back asap)...and a now heavier reliance on digital instruments (which is where a lot of the industry is going already anyway). And thus, the live instruments are being pushed to the back. They're not the focus of the overall mix, but more like an accompaniment to the pre-sequencing. And that is a conscious choice on the part of Madonna and Kevin Antunes. Which can all be changed, of course (and she's not the only artist that does this). And I don't even think the theatrical nature of her shows should hinder that all too much, as it's about choosing live elements/musicians as the focus of the sound mix and bringing that forward. And you can always create spaces in the show to let them shine too.

Anyway, that's the impression I get based on articles and videos about the current band, as well as learning a thing or two here and there from being raised by a pro touring musician. I mean, should could hire back TGS band, but if the overall musical direction doesn't change, it won't make all that much of a difference. Which is a shame, because she actually does have solid musicians...they're just not being used to their fullest potential.

All that being said, after three tours now (and considering her pattern), it's time to hire a whole new band anyway.
I'd love to see her with two guitar players (and I know she has long history with Monte, so keeping him on is fine. Just utilize him better). A live bass (a must!), percussionist, 2 keyboard players, bring the drums forward (with more emphasis on classic drums rather than digital), and I actually wouldn't mind 3 or even 4 background singers (who are brought forward far more in the mix than they are now, with less use of pre-sequenced studio vocals). Icing on the cake would be a live horn or sax player. And, maybe even a really good DJ incorporated into the live band itself (more musicians are doing this now too,  and it sounds great).

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On 30/7/2017 at 8:58 PM, Nikki said:

I love it all. first time I saw M live in paris, bercy. I'll never forget the amazing experience I had. just imagine not knowing anything and seeing the intro. it's the perfect show as a new fan to see

I was there too (ad well as forma TGS AND RH ) and it was aN impressive experience

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On 3.8.2017 at 3:08 PM, Kim said:

No, same band as DWT and in fact her only listenable live CD. The worst would be the CURRENT LOT who are an embarrassment to live musicians everywhere.



On 3.8.2017 at 3:39 PM, acko said:

Well, the arrangements on RIT are THE WORST. Except 4 Frozen.


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