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In which DWT shows did M perform You'll See?

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53 minutes ago, mafalda said:

Regarding censorship, sometimes I wonder what the BAT Madonna we all knew in 1990 would do today if the government strictly tells her to not perform certain songs (for example, Singapore). Did she do it for the money only? or did she really think about all those Southeast Asian fans who will probably never see her again?

 I think its a combination of both + the fact she probably sign the contract for that show knowing the circustances and it wasnt a surprise for her

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On 30/7/2017 at 11:04 PM, Sky Fits Heaven said:


According to Mad-Eyes archives, Madonna sang Gone in Chicago. So, it seems it went like this:

Philadelphia - You'll See
NYC - You'll See

New Jersey - Gone
Boston - You'll See
Washington DC - Gone
Miami - - You'll See
Atlanta - You'll See

Detroit - Gone
Chicago - Gone
Las Vegas - Gone
Oakland - Gone
Los Angeles - Gone 

But all cities had multiple dates (except New Jersey) and Mad-Eyes don't have archives for all the dates. Are you guys sure that at each city Madonna did only sing either Gone or You'll See?

Yes. "You'll See" was performed in all shows in those 5 cities, i.e. 13 shows in total.

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