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Campaign for a 30th anniversary LIKE A PRAYER deluxe reissue starts HERE

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8 hours ago, Lolo said:

The ending of that song... I'm melting and burning up at the same... why isn't that the official version available on every fucking release of that song???


God, how I love that song.  :inlove:
I still feel moved by it, almost 30 years later. 

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not  sure where to post this but it's a Like A Prayer mash up.  a few things:

How fucking great does Like A Prayer sound next to all these new contemporaries?

How much fucking versatility does Like A Prayer have as a pop song?

How majestic does it sound as a contemporary club song?

I think her vocals with the Weeknd sound great together. 

You know, this song ALWAYS gives me chills but in this remix, I can't help but feel emotional. like a sad but happy?? Im still not sure why. It's a beautiful feeling though. 

Thought Id share this clip with yalls. 


she starts at :12 - :30  and at 3:47

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