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BAT DVD should have been released hot on the heels of STRIKE A POSE docco

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I'm sure she thinks it was released in BluRay. She seems to mix things from the past, maybe watched some clip with EY Blue Ray from TOD and never again thought of that tour. 

Our only hope is David. I'm sure he will be the only kid to try to put order on the mess that is the Madonna catalogue and will look here and there and will discover that indeed there was a Rescue Me video with the elephant and another for Spotlight with the Spanish sombrero. 

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Imagine the show switching from Japan, Nice, Barcelona and then Paris footage every few seconds, curls one second, ponytail the next. Filters over the footage, studio versions dubbed over the footage, fake crowd noise and Candy Shop playing over Hanky Panky. 

It's funny cause it's true. We know it, she knows it. BA DVD has to be posthumous...

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