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Gay Men Being Rounded Up & Killed In 'Prophylactic Purge' in Chechnya

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2 hours ago, MeakMaker said:

I think these people are using the gay "issue" to push a hateful agenda. Nothing to do with being gay itself. Let's not forget how so many people would want to bring those horrors against gay people in our western countries as well. But again it's just hate and ignorance. Pure and simple. If its not against the LGBT it's women. if it's not women it's Muslims. If it's not Muslims its immigrants. If it's not immigrants it's people from other regions or areas of the same country. If it's not those people then it's the locals who are poor or suffering drug related problems. If it's not that then it's people with a different political or social point of view. Separation, division, discrimination are becoming a fact of life more than ever. 


Ignorance is our worst enemy. Education is the key. 

But as long human being will act like an animal, there's nothing we can do. 

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Zelim wasn't openly gay. We weren't friends or anything, but my impression of him is that he was really trying to get his singing career going despite so many things standing in his way. I'm not sure that drawing attention to his sexuality at this point is helping, to be honest. If he's still in one of their camps, that is.

I'm saying this because there's still hope that their source is wrong. I refuse to believe he's no longer with us. I just can't.

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ps. Something in those reports doesn't add up. He wasn't a high profile entertainer, in fact, he was going to be on Fame Academy as one of the contestants. And there was no need to torture "several men" to get to him, he wasn't hiding at all. His IG is still there too, it's just private.

With that being said, Igor Kochetkov seems to know his shit as he's been helping gay people in Checnya for a while. My Russian is so-so but I can't any statement from him at the moment. Zelim's friends seem to think he's still alive, so we shouldn't lose hope!

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