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Player moved from Men’s to Women’s club

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This is probably the most striking volleyball transfer in ongoing season. Not because of the name of a player nor because of club from which or in which the player came... But, because this player moved from Men’s to Women’s club!

As volleyball.it reports, a 32-year-old Brazilian Tiffany Pereira de Abreu has left Belgian Men’s Division 2 team JTV Dero Zele-Berlare and joined Italian Women’s Division 2 (Serie A2) side Golem Software Palmi!

Tiffany used to be a male named Rodrigo before undergoing a sex change in 2014 and he recently got the green light from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) to switch to women’s competitions.

As a man, Tiffany played professionally in homeland, Portugal, France, Spain, Indonesia, The Netherlands and Belgium. One of the teams whose member she was during Men’s career was Paris Volley, current French champions.



Tiffany now faces avalanche of criticism from her rivals and even a President of Italian Women’s Volleyball League

Tiffany, formerly named Rodrigo, highlighted her new team Software Golem Palmi by scoring 28 points in a debut against Delta Informatica Trentino in Italian Division 2 (Serie A2). But, Tiffany now faces avalanche of criticism from her rivals and even a President of Italian Women’s Volleyball League!

On Sunday, it was not one game, but two games in one. The first game was in the first set before she (Tiffany’s) entered the floor, which we could win. The second was after that... Apart from the life choices of each of us, I wonder if there is a problem with the basis of the rules. On a personal level, she will always have all my respect for what she has experienced, but speaking of sports, her physical parameters are not the same as a woman... Overall, this is a situation that leaves me such a bitter taste and I am really so sorry for her, too… Now my hope is that those who have to make decisions will decide how to act for the good future of the sport,” Silvia Fondriest, a captain of Trentino, said after the match vs. Palmi.

“Technically, we are talking about a situation that has completely upset the balance… No one has done anything illegal, this is clear, but it is a situation that should be regulated, the decisions to be taken by the competent bodies for the future. It is clear that her (Tiffany’s) impact on the game has been devastating because she is still a player accustomed to another kind of volleyball. Until two months ago she was playing in a Men’s championship with another height of the net,” stated Ivan Iosi, the coach of Trentino.

Even the President of Italian Women’s Volleyball League, Mauro Fabris, disapproved this situation.

„I want someone from the (Italian Volleyball) Federation to tell me what to expect in the future because many clubs in A2 (Division 2) have been asking questions. I want championship to be played fair and correctly with a respect for other people,“ Fabris emphasized.





What do you guys think ?

Should she be allowed to play at the womens tournament ?

Is this the future of any sports competition ?

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interesting indeed...I remember another case similar to this with the Indonesian player Aprilia Santini Manganang:


 a small gurl who jumps like a cat...if she was taller oh my!


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