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Disappreciate The First Lady of the United States MELANIA!!!

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17 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

She knows that everything she wears gets a lot of attention.  To some people,  what the first lady looks like and how she dresses is what they consider important.  Sad but true.  So there is no excuse for not planning what she is wearing and knowing that it will create talk.   If people give her a pass for this,  it just shows that they forgive everything that Trump and his family do.  They would not give any other first lady in history a free pass for that jacket. 

Problem is; people tend to feel for her and think she's become a patsy and being used.   It's also been noted that she''s undermining the President on many cases, like for instance, going to these Juvenile centers.  The jacket has been dismissed because she only wore it when getting on the plane, knowing the media was there.  She switched out of it once on the plane. 


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