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If it was a greatest hits tour I honestly couldn't imagine anything else closing the show than Like A Prayer. 

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The show would have to 9 hrs long to accomadate my ideal set list.

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On 30.10.2016 at 6:24 AM, material_boy said:

Concept: A semi-autobiographical show in which each act inspired by a formative part of M's life.

  • Act I: The Beginning (the death of her mother, Catholicism, dance, Christopher Flynn, gay clubs, her father, quitting school)
    • Act of Contrition (video intro)
    • Like a Prayer
    • What it Feels like for a Girl
    • Hung Up
    • Papa Don't Preach
  • Act II: New York (late-70s / early-80s NYC, Keith Haring, Alvin Ailey, Stephen Bray, pre-fame poverty, lust for the spotlight)
    • Lucky Star
    • Deeper and Deeper
    • Live to Tell
    • Open Your Heart
  • Act III: Star / Backlash (80s and early-90s megastardom, SEX, controversy)
    • Hollywood / Material Girl (mash-up interlude)
    • Like a Virgin
    • Vogue
    • Erotica
    • Bad Girl
  • Act IV: Comeback (motherhood, Esther, late-90s comeback)
    • Ray of Light
    • Give it 2 Me
    • Ghosttown
    • Frozen (acoustic)
  • Act V: After Party (career celebration)
    • Into the Groove
    • Get Together / Bedtime Story (mash-up)
    • Secret (remix)
    • Everybody
    • Holiday
    • Music
    • Don't Tell Me (remix) (encore)

Totally LOVED this concept and had to steal it! :IMG_1564:

I tried really hard to cut it down to 25 tracks but I just couldn't so I incorporated lots of mashups/medleys (-) and some alternate song choices (/).



Inspired by Madonna's youth, her catholic upbringing and the death of her mother.

  1. Act of Contrition - Like a Prayer

  2. Like a Virgin - Justify My Love (with samples from "Whole Lotta Love")

  3. Papa Don't Preach

  4. Oh Father


  5. Beautiful Stranger (Interlude)



Inspired by Madonna's beginning in NYC. Her meeting Mark Kamins and Steve Bray, performing at nightclubs, etc. This section will be have a neo-80's vibe. Kind of futuristic but still very throwback 80's.

  1. Everybody - Music (with samples from "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life")

  2. Lucky Star - Impressive Instant (with samples from "Get Together")

  3. Into the Groove (with samples from "Bitch, I'm Madonna")

  4. Hung Up


  5. Nobody Knows Me (Interlude)



Inspired by Madonna's rise to fame, superstardom and the very first backlash. It also higlights her strong affiliation with the LGBTQ community. This section will have a cabaret/burlesque feel to it. Kind of like fetish club meets Moulin Rouge.

  1. Material Girl - Hollywood

  2. Vogue (with samples from "It Takes Two")

  3. Erotica - Deeper and Deeper - Girl Gone Wild

  4. Bad Girl / Secret / Live to Tell (Jazz Ballad Version, Madonna sitting on a large piano)


  5. Nothing Really Matters (Interlude)



Inspired by Madonna's career revival, her comeback, her failed marriages, motherhood and finding inner peace and redemption through her belief. This section will start of dark and will go brighter as it progresses. It's a representation of resurrection, a juxtaposition between life and death.

  1. Frozen

  2. Living for Love

  3. Rain / Cherish / Take a Bow / The Power of Good-Bye / You'll See / Drowned World (Acoustic)

  4. Ray of Light (Ballad Intro leads into Uptempo Mix)

  5. La Isla Bonita - Holiday


  6. What It Feels Like for a Girl (Interlude)



Madonna NOW. Fighting against injustice, sexism, ageism, racism, etc. This section will go from having a more military vibe to a sort of Americana theme for the encore.

  1. American Life (with samples from "The Star-Spangled Banner")

  2. Sorry (with samples from "Human Nature")

  3. Die Another Day - 4 Minutes - Give It 2 Me (with samples from "Papa Don't Preach")

  4. Don't Tell Me

  5. Express Yourself

Overall a good mix of fan favourites and classics, I believe. :) 

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