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ANOTHER club shooting in Florida [merged]

Guest Rachelle of London

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Guest Rachelle of London


Mass Shooting In Florida Nightclub - Report

There are conflicting reports of casualties at the club, with one witness being reported as saying that 30 shots were fired.

09:46, UK,Monday 25 July 2016

Police at the scene of the reported mass shooting in Florida

Up to 17 people have been shot at a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, according to US media reports.

There are conflicting reports about casualties.

The shooting took place at Club Blu in the early hours of Monday morning, according to Lt. Jim Mulligan of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

The incident is thought to have taken place during a 'teen night' at the club, with some of the people at the event as young as 13.

Oner witness says that she heard around 30 gunshots from the scene and believes that these came from a number of weapons.

At least 20 police officers are at the scene and roads in the area have been sealed off.

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People are always talking about WW3 and what it would be like but we are living it now! In so many countries there are countless deaths due to extremism and it has to be stopped.

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So sad to see this again.

Two people killed outside a Florida nightclub and others injured.

Also a Syrian man blew himself up outside a German music festival but fortunately no one killed.

This should not be a daily occurrence. It's all just terrible.

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