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Terrorist attacks at Istanbul's airport

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At this pace we will end up with a whole section dedicated to terrorist attacks.

It's awful. The world has gone completly mad. I have no words. It's scary.

Turkey airport attack: 10 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk

Police opened fire on two suspects who then blew themselves up outside security checkpoint at international terminal, Turkish officials say

Tuesday 28 June 2016 20.34 BST Last modified on Tuesday 28 June 201621.58 BST

At least ten people have been killed, and 60 injured in an attack on Turkey’s largest airport, Istanbul Atatürk, according to the country’s justice minister.

Two suspects blew themselves up outside the security checkpoint at the entry to the international terminal, after police opened fire on them, according to another Turkish official.

A spokesperson for the Istanbul police told the Guardian that “a bomb exploded at the airport and there are many casualties”, adding that the exact number is not yet known.

Preliminary reports suggested that at least ten people were killed in the attack, justice minister Bekir Bozdağ told parliament in Ankara. Bozdağ also mentioned reports of a separate blast at the entrance to the airport station, but offered no further details.

“I harshly condemn those who executed this terrorist attack, and those who gave the orders for it,” he said. He added that he had information concerning the terrorist group responsible for the attack, but that he would not share it until it was confirmed.

The state-run Anadolu Agency reported that 60 people were wounded in the attack, six of them seriously.

The police spokesperson said that one person, “maybe a terrorist”, opened fire at police guarding the outside of the airport in order to gain access to the international terminal before detonating a bomb, “maybe a suicide bomb”.

State-run TRT television said an explosion hit a control point at the international terminal of the airport.

A witness told broadcaster CNN Turk that gunfire was also heard from the car park at the airport. Taxis and ambulances were ferrying wounded people from the airport.

Bozdağ said that the attackers used AK-47 assault rifles in their initial attack. A picture of what appears to be an AK-47 rifle on the floor was being circulated on social media on Tuesday night, as well as what appeared to be security footage of the explosion itself.

One taxi driver, named as Fatih, told CNNTurk: “I was going from the domestic to the international terminal, then there was suddenly a fireball and I saw people covered in blood.”

Police barred access to the airport, and some flights have been diverted away from Istanbul. Videos shown by TRT showed travelers being evacuated to safety.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday’s blasts, and Turkish authorities issued a broadcast ban on the attack. Turkish media report that all flight traffic has been stopped and that police have blocked all the roads leading from and to the airport.

Turkey has been on high security alert after a string of terrorist attacks.

Two deadly bombings in Istanbul earlier this year were blamed on Islamic State jihadis. In early June a car suicide bomb killed twelve people in the central Vezneciler district of Istanbul in an attack claimed by radical Kurdish militants.

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So sorry for the people that were killed and injured and their families.

Just wait for tomorrow the usual suspects of anti immigration people to crawl out of their holes and tell the people: Look terrorism, Look Turkey (insert: which will be a full member of the EU next month), we need to get control of our borders back

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I'm really really tired. I can't even get angry or sad because i'm too tired by all these back to back bullshits. I'm just numb.

Same. It's awful.

God help Turkey. Thoughts to the relatives and friends of those attacked. RIP.

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Have we really come this far?

scary isn't it ?

Even Paris Gay Pride has been completly shortened, they first wanted to cancel it then push it back to september now it's on july 2nd on the docks of La Seine, a very small perimeter.

Yet they can protect all the football supporters we have here for the euro or a free Muse* concert at the Eiffel Tower tonight (*what year are we ? 2002 ?)

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Maybe if anything the American right wing media can make it clear somehow that this was a terrorist attack in a MUSLIM country.

You know since their running narrative is always terrorists attacking only Christian, mostly white countries to propagate their "Us VS the Muslim world" rhetoric.

Will Trump now call for a country full of Muslims to ban all Muslims? :banghead:

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How come self proclamed muslims can kill people during Ramadan ?

A turkish journalist i follow on Twitter just tweeted that usually Isis never claim any terrorist attack in Turkey even when they are the culprits.

This morning PKK injured 6 people in a terrorist attack in the south.

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Oh ffs. This year really is the WORST. Seems like it's now down to every other week that a tragic event majorly shakes up the world.

I so hope it will finally stop :(

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No one knows at the moment. But this time it seems unlikely that PKK did it. They are not that dumb after their last two attacks caused a huge backlash.

I used apparently since it's still not 100% certain, but that's what media are reporting here.

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Shocking that at this point it isn't even shocking. This is happening weekly @ this point. I don't remember going to an airport or a sports game and having to wonder about this shyt. RIP.

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