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Penis Lipstick Selling Like Hotcakes!

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Apparently the World Really Needed These NSFW Penis Lipsticks

By Hayley Wilbur May 20, 2016

A company that simply goes by the name "Mushroom" wants to give you a way to both rub a penis on your lips and get a little color.

How does one pull that off? Why, with these dick-shaped lipsticks of course.


Think veins, head, shaft and all. BuzzFeed discovered these guys, writing that they "popped up" on Instagram.

(Pun... intended?)

The lipsticks or lipsdicks, if you like which seem to be intended for bachelorette parties, are being sold all over Amazon.


If you want a personalized version, GrownFolk on Etsy will provide custom flags. The lippies cost around 18 for a pack of 12. (One size fits all.)


So, go ahead and grab one for your next GNO. Just remember to take it out of your makeup bag come Monday. You wouldn't want to accidentally whip it out in the middle of a meeting because that would definitely turn some heads.


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Yuk. I wouldn't be caught dead with a stick. So cheesy.

This, coming from a woman who loves cock more than food.

would you ever eat penis shaped pasta?

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