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Diplo Shows Madonna Some Love

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Diplo posted on his IG as well. :inlove:


Photoshoot/interview with him for GQ UK.published Dec 26, 2015


How did you and Madonna get on?
I think she really liked how I'm kind of effortless with what I do. I was there on the pretense that, cool, this is probably not the best idea but I'll get a good Instagram photo out of it so it will be awesome. It's a win-win situation for me. And we ended up having great chemistry. We made some cool ass records.
What do you mean that it probably wasn't the best idea?
I didn't think there was a lot I could offer her. And I heard stories that she was a crazy person and mean. I didn't see any of that. She really trusted me - a lot to ask from an artist of her stature. All I asked was that I'm not the best producer but if you want me to work with you let me work, let me do what I do. Let me give you what I'm good at. She was really open-minded. And we had a lot of stuff to talk about. We had similar friends and stuff with our kids. She actually helped me get my son into school. She was dope. She was really nice. She got me an awesome birthday present.
What did she get you?
She got me a really nice jacket that I would never buy on my own. As you get older you don't spend money on stuff like clothes. I have kids and feel guilty every time I buy something for myself now. It was this awesome Thom Browne sick hoodie jacket for winter. I'd get it for free but I wouldn't buy a $5,000 jacket on my own.
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The GQ interview also mentions the LIB dubplate. Love it!!

Megaclubby solo Diplo records such as 'Revolution' and 'Set it Off' have become SoulCycle anthems, and it was Mad Decent that broke Baauer's global hit 'Harlem Shake'. Which is not to mention Diplo's music with Santigold, Robyn, Bonde do RolĂȘ, Die Antwoord, Kano, Lil Wayne, Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea and pop stars from No Doubt to Bruno Mars. The Madonna sessions not only yielded tracks such as 'Bitch I'm Madonna' and 'Unapologetic Bitch', but a Diplo-solicited 'La Isla Bonita' dubplate that begins with Madonna singing, 'Last night I dreamed of Major Lazer'.

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And I heard stories that she was a crazy person and mean.

We had similar friends

Lol!!!! I wonder who told him these stories!!! And I wonder who their mutual friends are

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Guest bluejean

crazy person :lmao:

Well she's a psycho bitch for sure and I bet she gives harsh words when people don't match her work ethic...

I love that BAT rehearsal where she's like "Too early Kevin" to the guy playing the synth. Madonna doesn't ask people, she TELLS them :lmao:

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