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Favorite Madonna Clothes through the ages...

Guest Pud Whacker

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still obsess over the Marlene Stewart True Blue hostess dress..



Marlene Stewart was and still remains my favorite madonna stylist/designer...

I love Marlene Stewart work with Madonna and she introduced a proto version of the pointy corset before JPG did his famous 1990 one, right?

What I love about Madonna is that she waited 7 full years before she started commissioning and wearing designer wardrobe. It was also very smart because by 1990 many fashion names were just dying to dress her

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I've been obsessed with this 5 dollar Thrift Store dress from the 50's that she found in the San Fernando Valley while rehearsing for The Virgin Tour...

years active 85-91.


The 1991 shot :wow::drama:

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The KH jean shorts. I've been obsessed with them for years.




OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK! I had it as my phone background for awhile! I loved anytime she wore something Keith Harring designed.

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