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Guest Rachelle of London

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paris, dec 10th early entry

but since my body is melting approaching the....eerhmmm....the 29 years......i'll be in the back of bercy...never been there before....

....and with how much i spent to arrange an accomodation i could have been gone to another 2 shows... :lol: (and i could have been there for free... :voodoo: )

...too bad i'm not going to Turin, im my country...she will be there the day of my....eerhmmm.....28th birthday....

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but where ever you go

make sure noone screams like that guy(?) during I deserve it/ DWT. ever...

or like me standing next to two girls who sing a long out of tune / from beginning till the end...


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I've already said what show I'll be at so, apologies for coming back to the thread. But I need assistance!!

Please feel where I'm coming from as I mean zero offense.... Does anyone know of any shoes that's like platform or just anything that would elevate me some but aren't girlie? I'm 5ft4, 128 pounds and on the floor. My goal isn't to be huge cuz I'd hate to block the person behind me. But I wanna be on an even level. Lol. I'm not afraid of wearing shoes that's built for a lady but my thing is I wear an 11-11.5 men's shoe plus I'm not familiar with buying things like this. If anyone has any ideas or a link to something cool , please PM me! Thanks guys. XO

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