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I really hope she sings...

Guest bluejean

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Top Posters In This Topic

Bad Girl

Bye Bye Baby

Causing a Commotion

Crazy For You

Nothing Really Matters

Over and Over

Physical Attraction


And then, of course:

Express Yourself

Like a Prayer


I'm guessing Joan of Arc is a no-brainer since it's new material, and because it's actually quite good. Then again, she did skip Nothing Really Matters in DWT.

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Over and Over




Oh Father

Future Lovers

Who's That Girl was on the top of my list tho so I'm totally excited!!! She has too many classics. Lol

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My dream setlist would be

Bitch I'm Madonna

Best night

Get together

Unapologetic bitch




Holy water


Inside out




Devil pray

Hold tight

Ray of light



Heartbreak city

Rebel heart

Dress you up


Living for love

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So many, but, limiting myself to one archive selection and one current album selection, I'd go with (as many here already have):

Rescue Me


Inside Out

(There are some older ballads she's not performed on tour ever, and, although I'd love to hear them, I'm kind of okay if she skips them on this tour ... I think she has enough heartbreak/heartache ballads to sing from RH, so ... stuff like TUTBMP, I'll Remember, Take a Bow, even You'll See -- which I didn't see/hear properly on DWT, because I got "Gone" when I saw it -- somehow, I think she could do those in a later tour or residency with a proper backing orchestra, etc. She might not ever do that, of course! Haha. Just thinking ahead, and trying to rationalize my "priority" for this time around.)

Also, I can totally understand some fans' desire for "Like a Prayer," "Vogue," "Express Yourself," and other classic, signature songs. I would NEVER be disappointed to hear those again. For those who haven't been able to see her since Girlie Show (or EVER), I would love for them to be able to hear songs like these live for the very first time, etc. :)

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R-E-S-C-U-E-ME! 🆘

Angel 👼💕

Bad Girl 🚬💥🔫

Still disappointed she didn't include/sing Physical Attraction on the MDNA Tour 😒 Missed opportunity being that it could've tied perfectly with the whole theme she was going for. Imagine I'm Addicted w/Physical Attraction - total bliss!

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