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Bitch I'm Madonna video extremely #soon

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+1 I just don't get it. :mellow: I mean, men here are obssesed with his penis and they want to be raped by him

i wondered that too; i noticed that usually people who look dead inside /dead in the eyes lol are found to be hot :huh:


he iss cute though, , i guess to each his/her own!

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According to drownedmadonna:

The video for the 3rd single off Rebel Heart should be released in 2 weeks. As we revealed weeks ago, the director is Jonas Akerlund and Diplo is in it.

The Remixes EP should be released at the same time. Several remixes have already been approved by Madonna herself.

The first bunch of remixes will probably come out next Tuesday.

The promotion for Bitch I’m Madonna in the American clubs will start next week.

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