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#INSIDEOUTSINGLE, This amazing song must be a SINGLE!!!!

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I think this is one of the five best songs of her career. How does someone write choruses this good for thirty plus years? I love the production. I mean, this is industrial, acoustic, and symphonic all at the time. And her vocal: glorious.

Not to mention the entire message of the song. Loving someone for who they are beneath the veneer and the scars.

Hot damn, this song is a highlight on an album full of highlights.


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So far we won't come back

Can't read your MIND

I shouldn't have to ask


Time to take off your mask

I'm on your side

So let me love you, let me love you..


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I wanna know watcha all about

You're beautiful when you're broken down

Let your walls crumble to the ground

I fucking love this masterpiece of a song.

YESSSSS! That whole verse lifts me up

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Inside Out is classic Madonna. Has the world gone mad? Can someone do that trending thing on Tweeter and make this happen.

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I've been listening to this all day. The album and demo versions.

I love both.

Let's discover

One another
Kiss me here, touch me there
Yeah, purest form of ecstasy
Truth or dare, don't be scared
Yeah, let me solve your mystery
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I can't get enough of this song. Sometimes by the end of it I'm in tears. Truly one of her greatest.

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Let me appreciate this beautiful song...ONE MORE TIME...before this forum closes. :drama:

I see what you did there! :sneaky::)

I love "Inside Out" -- cannot really add anything new to the praise being accurately awarded to it in this thread -- the vocals, the mood, the lyrics, the message, the bridge ... everything. Love both the demo and the final version. I can listen to it on repeat all day long -- I just get stuck sometimes!

I know this isn't really my last chance to say it, but ... I do want to express my appreciation one final time in the RH forum before it closes. Love this song so, so much. I love it from the inside out. :inlove:

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