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Madonna on Che Tempo Che Fa [merged]

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Call me crazy, but I really do believe Madonna is a soul from a different world. God sent her to Earth as a gift. Anyone hating on Madonna is beyond blind and delusional! She's the one and only indeed. No one can come close.

It actually makes a lot of sense! Not crazy at all. She was baptised Madonna and was born a day after the public festivity of the Ascension to the Heavens of the Virgin Mary. August 15. People still think that's a coincidence? ......... :laugh:

Most people in Italy don't know that Madonna is her birth name (thanks to the press) and conversely most people outside of Italy don't know that August 15 is the day of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God or as called in Italian, Madonna

Madonna is magical without having to seek magic

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Mixed press here in Italy : someones praise her charisma; other ones call her a true bitch

The ones praising her outnumber the ones saying she was a real bitch. I read more reviews about how the host was inadequate to interview her and I don't think he was. Just a little too intimidated, drooling and basically lifting the entire Interview Mag piece as a starting point

Kind of boring as she had answered all these questions throughout the previous month and a half worth of interviews. One thing they all agree on, she gave him the show's highest ratings in a long time.

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yes...and anyway...even if, let's say it, Fazio wasn't on top form and didn't totally get madonna sense of humour, her answer have been pretty interesting and brilliant....

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im so happy Madge showed where his place is..

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im so happy Madge showed where his place is..

Yea..no. Madonna needs to show that to someone like Howard, Fabio was incredibly sweet. If she's gonna have an attitude , she should have it with the right guy.

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Yea..no. Madonna needs to show that to someone like Howard, Fabio was incredibly sweet. If she's gonna have an attitude , she should have it with the right guy.

I agree. Well, let's face it, if Stern doesn't behave or makes questionable, dumb or thinly-veiled patriarchal arguments (which doesn't mean he has to kiss her ass either) she will give him a piece of her mind but doing it with smarts, class, intelligent arguments and not through certain people's brand of passive-aggressiveness and hiding oneself.

That accompanying little nothing woman will either lick Madonna's ass (and I think she will) or try to challenge her on something while making a fool of herself in doing so.

You can tell she resents Madonna's success a lot through previous episodes. But people need to remember that the levels of snobbery Madonna has had to face over here in Europe at times are infinitely worse compared to anything that can come out of this Howard Stern show.

She will handle it like the great professional that she is, regardless.

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It looks like Fabio Fazio has had a difficult Sunday again :D

The Italian press saying he's more suitable for local 70s songwriters than big pop-rock superstars :rotfl:

This time it's with March 15 guest Noel Gallagher



This is what Noel posted on his Huff Post UK blog:

"That Italian TV show was a fucking struggle .... "



That Italian TV show was a fucking struggle. The miming I don't mind, it's the interview. You have an actual person in front of you asking questions in Italian and a phantom in your ear translating them into English. It can be, and usually is, very awkward.

Here is but one example of what I mean... and bear in mind I'd been kissing the sky with Nancy until 5am the previous.
"Noel... you say that you don't take yourself seriously and that you live only for the moment. I also hear you say you refuse to overthink anything that you do in as much as you let the people decide what is and what is not... but what we would like to know is how do you come to such enlightenment at such an age?"
"I'm sorry but you have to give me an answer.."
".......Erm...I don't know?" (Huge round of applause).
I started to do a little sweat
After about six months we left the TV studio and were taken out to some swanky restaurant, which was indeed a night club, which was indeed the preferred hang out for yer Milanese footballer.
All the women (and there was a LOT of women) looked like Mick Jagger when Mick Jagger looked like an Italian woman (1965-1969!). Nice enough gaff... Nancy would have loved it.
Flew to Berlin the next day. Met some nice German fans on the plane. They'd been to the gig in Milan see? Very polite. Lovely kids.
I'm sat on the plane waiting for lift off and who should amble on last but my old drug buddy Evan Dando!!!! What the fuck??? I hadn't seen him in years. Fucking love that guy.
Had a bit of a kick about waiting for my band to rehearse with the latest brass section. I hadn't had a kick about for a long time... years. I think it's fair to say the old touch hasn't deserted me... You never lose it see?
The gig was wünderbar!! Excellent! In fact there was a minor fracas down the front at one point and the security team vaulted the barrier and got in amongst the crowd to fucking sort some shit out.
There was a bit of pushing and shoving and the security team reappeared with a girl in a headlock!!!! She was kicking and screaming like a fucking wild cat!!! I saw her later outside and asked her what she'd been thrown out for and she replied... "Just crying"... and all this took place during The Dying Of The Light!! Germans eh? You gotta love 'em!
Just had my first overnight on the bus to Copenhagen.
Horrible...I hate the bus...it is a cunt.
Keep it livid.
PS: Today I have been mostly listening to That's The Way by The Kit Kats..get on it!
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