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Laugh To Keep From Crying - Appreciate!

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Can we please show some love for the forgotten jewel that is this teen angst anthem?


I can't lock my door
Oh, I don't have no privacy
The only thing that's mine
Is what's inside of me
When I've had enough
A little voice inside
It says you've got to be tough
You've got to take it in stride
Sometimes I am foolish
I let it get the best of me
At least I know that my mistakes
Are my responsibility
I just have to laugh to keep from crying
I just have to laugh to keep from crying
I don't have a dime
Oh, to buy those pretty things
But I hear all the evidence
You know it all sounds the same
But I'm still waiting
I've got my hands open wide
You know my dream isn't fading
I keep it hidden inside
I just have to laugh to keep from crying
I keep on trying
My friends don't understand
Oh, they think I've lost my mind
And I'm choking back the tears
I've got to swallow my pride
I just have to laugh, ah
La, ah
Lo, oh
La, ah
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Love it!! This was track 1 on "Pre-Madonna", so this was the first "unreleased" Madonna song I ever heard back in 1997. It was SUCH A TREAT to have these early songs. I remember doubting it was even her at first with this song......lol.....her voice sounded so different.....a very Chrissie Hynde influenced Madonna recorded this song. :)

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